Week in review: 25 – 31 January 2021

January was overall a good month (lots of kitten snuggles, a bit of winter, my first shot of Covid vaccine, …) and it ends on a high note: a beautiful snow storm has started tonight and we expect about 30 cm of snow in the City. Ok, I admit that the storm is mostly beautiful because I get to watch it from inside. School tomorrow was already cancelled this afternoon – although traditional snow days seem to be a thing of the past and we now teach online. But if the blizzard is as bad as they forecast, I really don’t even want to take a walk outside. I might wait until the storm has calmed down, which isn’t expected until Tuesday (or maybe even later).

So instead I’ll sleep a little in tomorrow as I save my commute. I get to snuggle with the kittens before then starting the second term online. Also, I can hardly believe that half of the school year is over already. And we have mostly stayed open despite Covid spreading around us. It is quite wonderful to think of this success. And speaking of successes, from tomorrow on I’ll officially work as my school’s middle school coordinator, which I am also thrilled about. Maybe February gets even better than January?!

|Watched| His Dark Materials, Fate: The Winx Saga
|Read| Outlawed, Dash & Lily, Dread and Butter,
|Listened to| several playlists
|Done| worked, finished the first term, went to Boston by train on Friday evening and spent the weekend with Rich’s family
|Eaten| pizza, shrimps with fennel and orange, andouille sausage with rice and beans
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine
|Thought| we had such a perfect timing and came home exactly when the snow storm started
|Been happy| there is a snow day announced for tommorow; and that I finally have gotten my DSLR camera again
|Laughed| at Arti and Lotti doing cute things

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|Bought| I ordered a few spring clothes
|Clicked| such a pretty building: This Turkish library is shaped like a shelf of giant books.

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