Beauty inventory: My bath and shower products

The last time I got an overview of all my beauty products was in 2014, i.e. two years ago. At the time I used many of them up because I knew I was going to move from Turkey to the US. Even though I don’t intend to move again any time soon (happy side note: I’ve lived in the same apartment for almost one and half years now and am going to stay, which is kind of a new record), I have still decided to do inventory because I can’t really remember which beauty products I own. I tend to buy them, put them somewhere, and more often than not I forget about them. I really try to change for the better because 1) I don’t need for instance three new antiperspirant sticks at home when the CVS at Harvard Square is open 24/7; 2) I have a queasy feeling that there is a lot of money stashed in these products; 3) they take up much space, which makes me feel even worse when I compare my shelves to the almost empty ones of my minimalist roommate. Therefore it is time again to get a proper overview of all my lovely beauty products, starting today with my bath and shower ones.


Shower gels

White Tea & Gola Classics. I have got both shower gels from my grandmum. Seriously, I haven’t bought my own one in years because people, and especially my granny give me shower gels all the time. Luckily, these two have subtle scents and do their job so that I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But sometimes I still wish I could choose my shower gel myself.

Bubble bath

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil. One of the best features of my apartment definitely is the bathtub because I love taking hot bath from early fall till spring. Since I didn’t have any bubble bath anymore, I bought the Body Shop one the other week at T.J.Maxx. It creates a lot of foam and smells good. What more do I need?!

Body scrubs

Korres Papaya Mango & Mint Tea. I bought the scrubs together with the bubble bath, and the Papaya Mango one already made it onto my October list of favorites [here]. Admittedly, I wouldn’t have needed both, but I love Korres and they smell amazing.

I suppose the situation here could be worse. I should be well able to use these products up over the next months.

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