Week in review: 17 – 23 May 2021

This week New York City fully reopened (I mean minus the tourist crowds and still with a mask mandate in place for many situations like in stores and on public transport) – and everybody is enjoying this relaxing of regulations to the fullest. It definitely also helped that we suddenly had the best summer weather – 30 °C and a pleasant dry air. Last night we went out to the West Village for my birthday dinner with friends and it was packed. Without a reservation you are basically not getting a table these days. We were all dressed up because it is still such an amazing novelty to go out again. I even wore high heels for the first time in forever, as in over 15 months. After dinner we walked to Washington Square Park, which in the dark was just as crowded. We sat down in one corner, enjoying a few more beer and even more the atmosphere: there were several street musicians, people dancing, playing chess, talking to their friends. It was simply perfect and a great end to my 37th year of age.

|Watched| GNTM, Legally Blonde 1
|Read| Grace Under Fury; Bedtime Fury; Three Alarm Fury; Impostor Syndrome
|Listened to| my old Spotify playlists from 5 years ago
|Done| worked and worked some more, celebrated my birthday a little early with a dinner on Saturday, today we met some friends from Boston for lunch
|Eaten| pizza, burger, bibimbap
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, cocktails
|Thought| it is funny when people tell me I am super patient – because in private life I am absolutely not
|Been happy| we got approved for our mortgage this week and suddenly everything is looking up
|Laughed| Saturday night we ended up sitting in Washington Square Park, having a few more drinks and watching all the people around us
|Desired| more for my summer wardrobe

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|Bought| an anniversary gift for Rich, peach flavored toothpaste in a Japanese store
|Clicked| a list of YA books: 21 Young Adult Books That Are Worth Reading as an Adult; and a piece of sad information: Gaza’s largest bookstore has been destroyed; this salad looks delish: Spinat Salat Rezept; I really want to travel again, why not to South Dakota: Everything you need to know about visiting the Badlands, SD; trying to improve by reading how others do it, hehe: I Finally Cleaned Out My (Very Messy) 31-Square-Foot Closet—Here’s How I Did It

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