Week in review: 16 – 22 July 2018

I am sitting at my kitchen table listening to the rain slowly and evenly coming down outside. Canavar is taking a long cat nap on the bed. It is one of those great quiet summer Sundays when I don’t even have to leave the house. I have been home since Wednesday and finally get to really stay and enjoy my new apartment. It is a very different feeling to live alone again and not sharing anymore with unknown people, who were usually somehow weird and who definitely thought the same about me (no complaint about my last roommate though, he turned out to be the right choice 🙂 ). Now I only share with Canavar and we usually agree on things. Like I regularly vacuum and mop the floor while he dusts the kitchen shelves. I am actually very much in love with my new kitchen because I do not only have a dishwasher again, but also the kitchen itself is big enough for even two people and a cat. And the gas oven is splendid which makes me want to cook and bake much more – it took the oven in the old apartment about half an hour to warm up.

I also like my new neighborhood, Riverside in Cambridge, very much. It is only a five minute car drive from the old one, but so different. I feel people here, at least in part, still know each other. There are plenty of parks around, and every time I stroll around, I discover new ones. There are ballparks, basketball and tennis courts … eh, not that I play. Yesterday I even found a public swimming pool close by. And I only live a two minute walk away from the Charles River. I didn’t expect to discover such a different Cambridge by moving such a short distance.

Week in review: 16 – 22 July 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 16 – 22 July 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 16 – 22 July 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 16 – 22 July 2018 | janavar.net

|Watched| Die kleine Hexe; Vielmachglas (A jar full of life); Meine teuflisch gute Freundin; Hilfe, ich hab meine Eltern geschrumpft – Lufthansa had a great selection of current German movies
|Read| Royal Institute of Magic 5 – 6, Heart of Mist – Book 1, Bill of the Black Hand, Parallelwelt
|Listened to| the radio, Canavar meowing for a very long time, the Coffee Blend podcast
|Done| went on a day trip to Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea, returned to Boston and enjoyed my new apartment, made cookies
|Eaten| goulash, pork roast with crackling, salty cookies
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer
|Thought| This is the worst jet lag I’ve ever had.
|Been happy| when my passport with my new (extended) U.S. visa arrived in the mail
|Laughed| I had left my car at my boyfriend’s family’s house and when I picked it up, I got to hold their (small) dog in my arms – and she is so adorable and tried to lick my face
|Desired| well, I miss my boyfriend … but my cat is happy that I am staying at home for a bit
|Bought| food because my fridge was (actually still is) mostly full with chocolates
|Clicked| I’d really like to go to one of these public pools in NYC the next time I’m there: The Ultimate(ish) Guide to NYC’s Public Pools; now that I finally have a dishwasher again, I want to make as much use of it as possible: 20 Surprising Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher;

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