A Summer without Plans

Every year I used to have to-do lists for my summers. Sometimes even two, like in 2015 [here and here]. Two years ago I had planned a six week vacation in Turkey and there a trip through the southeast, although that was cut a little short due to the alleged military coup. And last summer I went on a road trip through the northeastern U.S. up to Toronto. Then summer 2018 came and I realized that I hadn’t (and still haven’t) made any cool plans. Actually, by the time vacation time came around, I was just relieved that it did. My first vacation weekend I was busy with moving, even more fun than usual when the hired moving company didn’t turn up. The other big task this summer was to go to Germany and extend my visa. I hadn’t planned anything around that trip because the process could take anything between a few days and six weeks (when they run a background check). I was lucky and now I find myself in Boston without great summer plans (don’t get me wrong, moving and the visa were very important, but they are not anything super awesome or at least relaxing).

A Summer without Plans | janavar.net

After a week of hardly doing anything, I have come to the conclusion that I am quite content with having no plans. I can do whatever I want to do every day, and so far that has mostly been baking, cooking, reading books, and cuddling with Canavar. It is very relaxing to withdraw for a bit. I still went on a day trip to the beach with a friend and met another friend for half a day. Simply staying at home feels really nice, esp. since I was first in NYC and then in Germany at the start of my vacation and since I know that I’m going on a school trip for two weeks in September. Instead I get to do all the things I normally don’t have time for, like taking an afternoon nap every day or undertaking a course on FutureLearn. I submitted some maintenance requests for my apartment as well; they already repaired one of the window locks, but still have to exchange one of pane which has a huge crack (since before I moved in).

A Summer without Plans | janavar.net

Is there anything I still want to do this summer? I’d love to go to New York City at least once more and I might or might not go on vacation with a friend. At one point I should prepare some bits and pieces for next school year, but right now I can’t yet brace myself up for this. There are also still a few book boxes in my basement that I have to empty. I would love to be a little more creative and e.g. blog more, but recently I sat in front of my laptop and didn’t know how to start. I assume that my brain needs a longer break. Maybe this summer isn’t about big plans, but about the small things. And about relaxing before I’ll get started again mid-August.

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