Week in review: 9 – 15 July 2018

I have spent most of this week in Germany. On early Monday evening I said goodbye to Canavar and headed to the airport. For the first time ever it took me only 15 minutes between arriving at the airport, checking in my luggage, and going through security. I had so much time that I ate dinner twice – once at the airport and then once more in the plane. Then I mainly slept before spending several hours at Munich Airport – eating obviously. Anyway, since Tuesday afternoon I’ve been in Northern Germany. And on Wednesday morning even before 8 a.m. I stood in front of the U.S. embassy in Berlin in order to extend my visa. That appointment was very important to me and I was quite nervous because you never know … But everything went smoothly and they granted me my visa extension without any problems. I am now waiting for my passport – the embassy kept it to put in the visa and then sent it by mail. I have received a notification when it’s expected to arrive and I can’t wait to have my passport back. I mostly need it of course to return to Boston on Wednesday, which I feel is also important because I want to clasp Canavar in my arms. I am quite sure that he is a little lonely these days. I have hired a catsitter to come by every two days and that probably helps, but it isn’t perfect either. Of course, during his first visit the catsitter found that Canavar had thrown up on the sofa. I mean he has to vomit his hair balls up every now and then, but I feel he could have chosen a different, i.e. way more convenient spot. I guess it is my cat’s way to complain about feeling neglected.

Week in review: 9 - 15 July 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 9 - 15 July 2018 | janavar.net

|Watched| The greatest showman, soccer
|Read| Royal Institue of Magic 1 – 4
|Listened to| mostly to the radio
|Done| flew to Germany, extended my U.S. visa, attended a family celebration
|Eaten| all the delicious German foods like mett (raw ground pork meat), schnitzel, döner
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, sparkling wine
|Thought| Why do people here listen to horrible German Schlager music high-volume at 8 a.m.?!
|Been happy| that my visa was immediately extended without any problems
|Laughed| when I saw photos of Canavar playing from the catsitter
|Desired| to have my passport returned to me real fast
|Bought| three pairs of shoes, a few things from a German drugstore
|Clicked| almost nothing because I haven’t been online much

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