Weekend Musings, Vol. 3.: April Views

Spring has arrived in the City. We even missed most of the magnolia bloom because that took mainly place when we were in Florida last week. At this point most trees have little green leaves. It even feels like, that with spring, New York City has regained some of its bustling. There are more people in the streets, and definitely more cars. If you don’t reserve a table, you might not get one for dinner in many restaurants. The same applies for a hairdresser appointment. Last year, in comparison, the whole City was like emptied. I mean I spent most of April 2020 in bed, suffering from Covid-19. Once I could go outside again and took long walks almost every day, I was one of the few people. The year before that I didn’t even live yet in the City. But I have dark memories of Boston usually having at least one more heavy snow shower in April.

When I think about April in more detail though, I realize that it is the month when usually bad things happen to me. Like Covid last year. Or when Canavar disappeared for a whole week from our apartment in Istanbul [here]. When I finally found out that my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and I moved out immediately. When I discovered a burglar in our kitchen one early April morning [here]. … Not my favorite month. But obviously it often comes more naturally to me to think about the negative things. Many Aprils were wonderful to me. It is the month when I seem to travel rather a lot. In the U.S. to escape the winter the North-East. In Turkey to go on weekend trips because the weather conditions are just perfect. I also loved exploring Istanbul in April when the whole city was full of tulips.

To me my perception of April is an allegory for so much more. That esp. after more than a year with the pandemic, I need to remind myself that not everything is bad. Even when I think of all the last months in a rather negative way. But things are slowly improving, like both Rich and I are vaccinated. My parents in Germany finally have their first vaccination appointments. We can actually eat inside a restaurant again. And even movie theaters recently reopened. As an introvert I actually also enjoyed a lot of the alone time – but now I can’t wait for the roaring 20s to hopefully start soon. I am already petting my sequin dresses in a thrill of anticipation.

Things I love this week:

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