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5 Places To Visit in NYC | janavar The Shed

5 Places To Visit in NYC

I thought that now that I am going to move to t h e City (in 39 days by the way), I slowly want to shift the focus to New York. Today I want to introduce to you five places that I liked so much that I feel you should visit them too: The Vessel […]

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10 Wonderful Things on this Vacation

After spending almost two days in the area of the Grand Canyon South Rim, we drove on north to South Utah. Since this vacation is utterly wonderful, I want to share ten things that I especially liked so far. We saw the Grand Canyon covered in snow, which, according to locals, is a very rare […]

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Travel: Impressions from Las Vegas

We only spent two nights and a full day in Las Vegas before we picked up our rental car and drove East to the national parks. But we still had a fun time in that weird city in the middle of the desert. I had been to Vegas before, just before Christmas 2016, so I […]

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My Winter Vacation Plans

Do you know what one of the most pleasant feelings for a teacher is? The last day of school when a break starts. You have the evening off, you do not have to work, and the whole break is still ahead of you. It is simply wonderful. I have this feeling right now since a […]

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Travel: My 7 Favorite Cafés in Montreal and 1 Restaurant | janavar

Travel: My 7 Favorite Cafés in Montreal and 1 Restaurant

Coffee coffee coffee Coffee Coffee coffee Why are you talking Coffee This is one of my favorite poems. I simply love coffee. I enjoy it even more when I have got plenty of time, like when I am on vacation. There is almost nothing more fun than sitting in a cosy cafe, sipping a good […]

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