Five favorites October 2016

I have to admit that I find it quite difficult this time to get back into my blogging routine – even though many ideas keep buzzing in my head. The problem seems to be focussing on one thing. For today I have planned to really sit down and finish writing a whole blog post. It’s about time. So here we go – starting with my latest five favorites:

Five favorites October 2016

I love reading, but I can’t remember the last time I bing-read as much as this year. Like last year [here] I participate in the Goodreads reading challenge, only that I reached this year’s goal (52 books) already in mid-August. One of the best books – or probably the best book I have recently read is Elif Shafak’s “Black Milk”*. This non-fictional book written by one of the most famous Turkish writers is about her decision making process of having a baby, her pregnancy and her postnatal depression. It is also about her writing, the lives and works of female writers, and a little about living in Istanbul.

[typography font=”Just Me Again Down Here” size=”28″ size_format=”px” color=”black”]In my motherland, a male novelist is first and foremost seen as a novelist. A woman novelist is first and foremost seen as a “woman” and then, a novelist.[/typography]

I first read it as an e-book, borrowed from my local library, but liked it so much that I ordered the print edition. I like Shafak’s writing style: she switches between interior monologues (in this case talks between her and six so-called Thumbelinas who all represent another part of her personality like Dame Dervish or Little Miss Practical), descriptions of different life situations, and short biographies on female writers.

This fall is filled with more cultural events in general: I have discovered the opera. A few weeks ago I went to see “Carmen” in the Boston Opera House. Afterwards I subscriped for the next three operas that will be performed in Boston until next May. Even though I already had to decide for dates, it is far cheaper to buy tickets this early. I think of this also as cultural education because back in my school days I learned about all great operas in theory (my music teacher was pretty old-school, but she knew how to broaden our cultural horizon) – anyway, it is time to see more operas on stage.

Of course I love my latest purchase: my television set. It only arrived on Tuesday, and it took me a day until I found the correct cable connection (no offence, but US-Americans are the worst when it comes to switches and plugs – there are five or six connections in this appartment, but nobody knows which is for what, and some don’t work at all). Now at least everything works fine, and I can watch not only TV, but also all the movies Xfinity (US internet provider) offers. This morning for instance I just lay in bed, sipping my coffee and watched “Good Morning America” – this is pretty close to my idea of a perfect morning.

Five favorites October 2016

About two weeks ago I went to a newly opened Nordstrom Rack together with my friend. While I had originally planned to look for winter boots (I found a beautiful pair), I ended up buying some other great stuff, too, like a laptap case and a pair of Kate Spade “things we love eye studs”. I am a little obsessed with eyes – because I believe in the evil eye and also in protecting charms – and for half the price I just couldn’t leave the earrings in the shop. And four eyes are better than two, right?!

Last but not least I am a huge fan of the Korres “Papaya Mango Body Scrub”. This one I found on discount at T.J.Maxx and had to have it because so far I’ve loved all Korres products. When I was on Samos for a day this summer, I even went to the only pharmacy in the little town because, originating from Greece, Korres is much cheaper there. This scrub doesn’t only smell amazing, it also leaves my skin smooth.

What have been your favorite things recently?

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