5 things to do in Boston in October

I’m already dreading the Boston winter, even though it is only October. Canavar eats like a horse and has become very fluffy, which normally isn’t a sign for a mild winter. Right now we have both summerly and chilly days. As long as it’s not raining cats and dogs, I try to leave the house as often as possible. I can recommend these activities for this wonderful time towards the end of October:

1. TreeTop Adventures

5 things to do in Boston in October

Last weekend my friend and I went to this forest high ropes course in Canton, south of Boston. We enjoyed climbing from tree to tree very much and would always do it again. At $53 for 2.5 hours of climbing it is quite pricy, but we had so much fun there. I was proud after having finished the hardest, the Black Trail, although my arms were sore for two days. They also offer night climbs and are open only until the middle of November.

2. Visit Mount Aubern Cemetery

5 things to do in Boston in October

I always knew there was a huge cemetery not far from my house, i.e. in Cambridge, but I hadn’t gone there until last week. My friends convinced me that it is an amazing place from where you have one of the best views at Boston. We drove in a car up to the observation tower – because the graveyard is that big that all the lanes have names and people may go pretty much anywhere in their cars. Besides that there are obviously tombs, there are ponds and old trees there and the tower of course. It definitely is an interesting and beautiful place that asks to be explored.

3. Explore the Seaport District

5 things to do in Boston in October

This district is undergoing a big transformation. They build new high-rises at every turn there. I really enjoy walking there because there is so much to see and watch – building sites, the Worldtrade Center, the sea, birds, museums, and also art works, esp. around the Congress Street Bridge. I think there are also some really nice restaurants there, but I haven’t tried any yet.

4. Go to a concert

5 things to do in Boston in October

… or the opera, the theater, a musical. There are so many events that you only need to decide which to go to. Recently I went to the opera, to a Jake Bugg concert, and tonight I go to the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Admittedly, it adds up if you attend many events, but I feel that a good concert or opera is worth more than another new pair of shoes or the latest nail polish. Also sometimes you can find good deals on discount websites like Groupon.

5. Get ready for Halloween

5 things to do in Boston in October

There is only one week left and the whole city looks more like Halloween every day. People decorate their houses and front lawns. I’ve seen many bushes with artificial spider webs and of course countless carved pumpkins. I prefer Christmas decorations, but I think that is because Halloween isn’t a tradition I grew up with. I am definitely going to dress up this year, also for work because that is what many people do here. Hopefully we’ll also go to a Halloween party next weekend because my costume is ready.

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