Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts in 2020

In 2020 I published 141 blog posts. While I enjoy the process of collecting ideas, taking photos and writing the posts themselves, I also like that you read them. Here are your favorite 10 favorite blog posts from 2020.

1. Tested: How Well Do Trader Joe’s Non-Dairy Milks Froth?

I am not sure I expected this to be the most popular post when I created it. But I guess other people wonder about TJ’s non-dairy milk frothiness as much as we did. I still love my milk frother a lot by the way. Even though we mostly returned to dairy as Rich prefers the flavor. But every now and then we also buy the milk alternatives and still try new variants.

Tested: How Well Do Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Milks Froth? - janavar

2. Personal News: We Are Engaged

2020 started so excitingly when Rich proposed to me at the end of January. At the time my biggest worry was that, after we picked the engagement ring together one day later, I had to wait for 6 weeks to finally get and wear it. Little did I know …

Personal News: We are Engaged - janavar

3. Seasonal Eats Better: Vegan Cabbage Rolls

Recipes seem to be always popular. Like this one. After I had spontaneously bought a slow cooker, I tried a lot of different recipes. One of them were these tasty vegan cabbage rolls.

Seasonal Eats Better: Vegan Cabbage Rolls - janavar

4. 10 Turkish Movies & Series You Can Find on Netflix & Co

We definitely watched a lot of TV last year. As I love shows from Turkey, I rounded up 10 Turkish movies and series that you can watch online. In this case I hope you received some good recommendations.

5. Recipe: Romain Lettuce and Sweet Potato Salad

Another delicious recipe – and I am not even that much of a salad fan. But this romain lettuce and sweet potato salad is so good that I have made it several times since.

Recipe: Romain Lettuce and Sweet Potato Salad - janavar

6. 10 Years Abroad

In September I celebrated my 10th anniversary of living abroad. There I wrote about my years in Istanbul, Boston and New York City. And I also summed up what I learned in these 10 years.

7. Easy DIY: Crochet Face Mask

By the by, I believe that this was the main fashion accessory of the year: the face mask. In spring I crocheted two masks for us and shared the instructions with you. After all these months, we still prefer to wear colorful masks with fun patterns over the throwaway ones.

Easy DIY: Crochet Face Mask |

8. Third Time Lucky – We Are Married

What a bummer! We had to postpone our wedding twice: first because of the general lockdown and my parents not being allowed to enter the U.S. anymore, second because we both got sick with Covid-19. Eventually, the third time was the charm and we got married in early June.

Third Time Lucky - We Are Married | janavar

9. Life Update: Life in the City Right Now

I wrote a life update in March just after the lockdown had started. And before we got sick with Covid-19. After all, things deteriorated so quickly back then.

10. Seasonal Eats Better: Caramelized Walnut Pear Tart

The third recipe in the top 10 blog posts is this fall tart with caramelized walnuts and pears. Moreover, you could even make it now. Just substitute the pears with apples if you can’t find any.

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