Week in review: 4 – 10 January 2021

This week started well, had a horrible middle and ended on a positive note. That is at least how I sum it up.

On Monday school started again and this week we taught from home, which was a nice way to get back into routines after Christmas break. Tomorrow we’ll return to the school building – everybody had to get Covid tested, which I like a lot as a strategy to reopen a school.

Wednesday, of course, was the absolute low point. Like OMG! A mob stormed the Capitol and the president cheered for them. It made me feel extremely disappointed and angry at the U.S. – the country that always used to promote and defend democracy. Apparently not so much anymore. At least the days of this president are numbered and I can’t wait for the next one.

At the end of the week the governor announced that from tomorrow on teachers can also receive the Covid vaccination. So I immediately made myself an appointment for the week after next and hope that this vaccination dream actually becomes true so quickly for me.

|Watched| the news, Like a Boss,17 Again, Julie & the Phantoms
|Read| Candy Apple Killer, The History of Sweets, White Ivy, Granny Smith is Dead, Berried Alive
|Listened to| the Bossbabe podcast
|Done| worked from home, got a PCR Covid test, took the kittens for another round of vaccinations, enjoyed a very quiet weekend
|Eaten| potato salad, pizza, several TJ frozen meals
|Drunk| water, coffee, rosé
|Thought| This country is such a shit show right now.
|Been happy| when it turned out that from Monday on I’ll be able to also get the Covid vaccination – I already made an appointment
|Laughed| at my friend telling me how she received our Christmas package, not realizing that we sent it (it was a surprise)

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|Bought| nothing
|Clicked| I mostly read articles on the New York Times website

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