Weeks in review: 26 June – 9 July 2017

These days I can hardly believe my luck. Having lived together with my roommate a little over a month, I realize that we get on really well. Sometimes we just sit in the living room talking for hours. Some of his friends also sometimes come to play board games. This is what we did yesterday for example. Or we cook together. And do the dishes together. On Saturday, we invited friends over for a little party – and it was so much fun. Luckily, my friends also get on well with his friends. And they all love Canavar, who always demands attention and finally is brushed as much as he likes. After everybody had left on Saturday, we just stayed on the sofa, talked, and watched music videos on Youtube together until 1.30 a.m.

He is my fourth roommate in two years, and for the first time I feel properly at home. I didn’t even know that sharing an apartment could be this great. Plus I also finally get to know people who are not somehow part of my work environment. All of them are genuinely nice, not (too) extroverted and loud, not fake friendly, but actually very very nice people. I suppose sometimes it just takes a little longer to arrive, to feel settled. It might have taken me two years and four roommates.

|Watched| Star Trek, Neue Vahr Süd, Traumschiff
|Read| Fudge Cupcake Murder, Honour, Alif the Unseen, Everything You Want Me to Be, New York Times, Time Magazine
|Listened to| Marteria, Sia, my Spotify summer playlist [here]
|Done| worked, had a party to celebrate the start of summer vacation, celebrated the 4th of July, went to the beach, gave a party at home, played board games
|Eaten| sandwiches, baked donuts, hotdog, salads, burrito, empanadas, enchilladas
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, cider, lemonade
|Thought| Life is good.
|Been happy| vacation started, life with my roommate is awesome
|Laughed| Canavar got so much attention when our friends came to our house, and he really seems to enjoy it.
|Desired| a better plan for my roadtrip
|Bought| many plants, a dress, pants, some wool
|Clicked| I love this red dress: “Red Polka Dots”; “Dirty Dancing” and fashion are two great topics, and even better combined: “‘Dirty Dancing’ Style Rules to Follow This Summer”; Toronto has been on my travel bucket list for a while, and I’ll probably finally go there this or next week: “Reisetipps & Bericht 3 Tage in Toronto”

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