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I am one of those people who love to spend whole days on the beach. I alternate between eating, sleeping, reading, and swimming. Well, maybe, that depends on the water temperature. I never get bored, only tired after hours in the fresh air. It definitely is a great advantage that I finally have my own car so that I can always go to the beach whenever I want to. This week my friend showed me Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and esp. streets where you can park for free. We lay on the beach for about five hours, read a little, talked a lot, and squeaked when we walked in the cold water. Even though I personally prefer water temperatures of 25 °C plus, it was so hot that day that we eventually managed to really plunge into water.

I am lucky this year that I already spent Spring break in the Caribbean. My skin got used to the sun early. So by now I don’t get any sunburn anymore, but only tan more. I still use sunscreen, but during those five hours on the beach I only reapplied my Block Island Natural Mineral Sunscreen* once. SPF 30 works best for me, and I really like that this one is very light and easy to apply. Also, it doesn’t have any scent, which I especially like. Besides, the company [here] is even local for me since it is from Block Island, Rhode Island. At a price of $20 for 100 ml the bottle is not exactly cheap, but I think it is worth it for getting a vegan and local product. The only downside is that the sunscreen only comes as a cream, whereas I as a single would prefer this modern aerosol spray because I then don’t need any help to put it on my back.

Once I have used up my Korres face sunscreen, I am definitely going to order the Block Island face moisturizer which also has SPF 30 and in comparison to the Korres one no scent – I really love the Korres sunscreen, but I hate its smell of coconut. But then again, I just don’t like smelling coconut or vanilla in general.

Whenever I go to the beach, I take at least these things with me (and yes, I usually like I want to move to that beach for a whole week):

  • towel and bikini(s)
  • sunscreen and lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • a book, a magazine, a notebook, and several pens, and it’s not like I need all of these, but I like to be prepared
  • a big bottle of water and a whole bag of food
  • thanks to my friend I’ve also started to bring a chair because it is sometimes more comfortable for sitting (or it is simply because we turn older)
  • my smartphone and my power bank

jumpsuit: Primark
sunglasses: Primark
necklace: Stonebul

© janavar

*PR sample


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