Weeks in review: 10 – 16 July 2017

It is a perfect Sunday. I am sitting in a pleasant café, drink latte and blog. Said café is in the probably coolest area of Toronto, just next to the hostel I stay at. I’ve been in love with Toronto for almost two days. It might turn into a great summer love story. I wasn’t so sure about that at first on Friday when it took me almost three hours to drive the 130 km from the Niagara Falls to Toronto. I had managed to get into the Friday evening rush hour and traffic was crazy. Plus I couldn’t find any parking in the beginning. But once I had parked my car in a garage and carried my suitcases up to the fourth floor in the hostel, I had time to look around. And I really liked what I saw. This part of Toronto, Kensington Market, is not only very central, but it is a multicultural and alternative neighborhood. There are countless little cafés, restaurants, and vintage shops here.

Yesterday I also walked to the waterfront and the Financial District which are only about twenty minutes away. There are old buildings mixed with new skyscrapers everywhere. There are parks, food markets, and even a pedestrian zone in the Old Town. Toronto so far seems to me like a city just before it is too gentrified. It feels good to be here, to just sit down and watch all the people. And, man, Canadians have an awesome street style. I haven’t seen that many well-dressed people in a long time. They also have many tattoos and they still smoke (cigarettes) in the street. I don’t want to promote smoking, but it feels more normal to see people who want to smoking in the street – as opposed to having banned everything because one person could possibly feel affected. I suppose there is a more laid-back attitude here, esp. in comparison to the U.S. So I’ll stay for a few more days and see what this summer love story leads to.

|Watched| nothing
|Read| Fudge Cupcake Murder, Cherry Cheesecake Murder, travel guides esp. for Toronto
|Listened to| my Spotify summer playlist [here], the radio
|Done| went on my first big road trip from Boston to the Finger Lakes Region to the Niagara Falls to Toronto
|Eaten| burgers, salad, bagels, muffins, döner
|Drunk| water, coffee, coke, beer
|Thought| Toronto is totally my city.
|Been happy| all the time
|Laughed| when I went to a cat café in Toronto and played with all the lovely cats there
|Desired| to stay a little longer in Toronto – and so extended my stay by two nights 🙂
|Bought| mainly tickets to tourist attractions and food
|Clicked| only Instagram and websites to book the hostels I have stayed in

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