Outfit: The Little Grey Summer Dress

I can’t believe that I’ve already been on the road for more than a week. My suitcases have stood in the same hostel room since Friday evening though, and I am leaving Toronto only tomorrow. Of course I packed way too many clothes, which doesn’t matter as much because there is enough space in my trunk. What matters more is that I tend to wear some clothes much more than others. Those long pants must feel totally neglected as must my sweater. Or that fancy white dress. Or my one pair of high heels, which just isn’t as convenient for long city walks. Instead I always reach for my simple, comfortable summer dresses, and sneakers or my Birkenstocks. I probably should have left %70 of the clothes and shoes I brought at home.

But, let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be me. I am the person who has always overpacked. I still remember when I was in university and flying to Ireland. Ryanair had such strict and low luggage limits that I put on several sweaters on top of each other and carried my dictionary (those were times before smartphones) in a belt bag. Not a cool one. But it worked, and I never had to pay for excess luggage. Ever since I have been luckier because I have never again lived in a country these really cheap budget airlines fly to. Turkish Airlines was always very generous when my suitcase weighed a few kilos more. In the U.S. hand luggage is usually included in the ticket price, but there are only size, not weight restrictions.

I definitely wouldn’t have needed to pack these clothes this time:

  • bikini(s) because there simply isn’t anywhere to go swimming. I would have known that with a bit more research.
  • high heels because they are neither in cities nor in the countryside convenient.
  • two more pairs of sunglasses because I don’t alternate when on vacation.
  • the little handbag because most evenings I am far too tired to go out anyways.
  • the little white dress because I know myself and it’s prone to immediately get dirty. Neither would I have needed two other dresses because I can only wear so many clothes.
  • warm clothes because it is high summer. Again, here a little more research, i.e. reading the weather forecast would have helped easily.

So in case I should go on another road trip any time soon, I might try to reduce the amount of clothes I’m taking. Well, you know, maybe.

A dress that has proven to be perfect for 1) summer and 2) road trips is my little grey dress from Olivaceous. It is very soft and sooooo comfortable. I’d wear it every day if I didn’t have all the other clothes with me. Oh, and if I hadn’t poured some coffee over it. To me it is the perfect summer dress. Also because I can wear it with all different kinds of shoes. I am glad I found it in the summer sale in a small boutique in Harvard Square: After I had tried it on (and already decided to buy it), I started talking to the boutique owner. After a few minutes I learned that he was from Turkey. So we had a nice conversation in Turkish and English about life and politics. It was great. It made me even happier when I carried the dress home. And I believe it is the dress I have worn most often so far this summer.

dress: Olivaceous
shoes: Adidas

© janavar


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3 thoughts on “Outfit: The Little Grey Summer Dress”

  1. Mir gehts genauso. Ich schleppe immer viel zu viel mit und habe dann am Ende mehr ungetragene Kleidung als getragene ;P. Aber man wäre eben auf alles vorbereitet gewesen… Das hat ja auch was. Ich wünsche dir eine tolle neue Woche, meine Liebe!!

  2. Wir Frauen müssen einfach immer mehr mitnehmen als wir brauchen. Das ist doch ein ungeschriebenes Gesetz! 😀 Wie dem auch sei, Dein Outfit ist mal wieder Hammer. Sehr schön! 🙂

    Lebe Grüße

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