Life Update: March & April 2021

Hi everyone,

I hadn’t intended to take a longer break from my blog. Sadly, but obviously I had my reasons:

1) My broken wrist was a huge problem. While I am ambidextrous, I realized how often I need both my hands and arms. Like for typing. Or opening bottles. The first few weeks I was in a lot of pain. Also, the doctors kept my arm in a cast that went over my elbow and bent my arm 90°. I couldn’t do most things, like getting dressed or driving my car. Thankfully I have a great husband and friends who helped me. Still, every little thing took forever for me. The fantastic news was that I didn’t need surgery despite my bad fractures because the two broken (one shattered) bones healed much better than expected. After three weeks they put my arm in a normal, shorter cast. And last Friday they even took it off. Hooray!!! It will be a while before I can fully move my wrist, but the situation has improved so much already. Meanwhile, I at least learned how to write cursive with my left hand. Right now I would say I am as good and as fast as a 2nd grader. I hope to keep the handwriting up because it is one cool skill to be able to write with both hands.

2) Our kitten Arti got very sick in March. One Friday morning we woke up at 4 a.m. because she was lying on her side wheezing. We immediately rushed her to the animal ER where they told us she would die very soon. They put her in an oxygen box in the kitten ICU – since she was still alive half a day later, we decided to wait and (against some vet’s advice) not put her down. We just couldn’t. The next morning her state had already improved so much that it was clear she would definitely survive. That afternoon she even already sat on the vet’s shoulder. We still don’t know what she suffered from exactly, but suspect that she had an infection from her spaying that had taken place about 10 days before her fit. We left her in the animal hospital for four days and were overjoyed to take her home then. She has recovered remarkably since, but is still on two medications. Arti and Lotti are back to being healthy, amazing kittens getting up to a lot of mischief together.

3) Work caught up with me. With my broken wrist, I felt super bad that I couldn’t get as much work done as I felt I should have. Again, everything took me so much longer than before. There are always certain tasks you can’t cancel, so I eventually ended up with a giant pile of work. I am still processing many of them. Moreover, I was also accepted to attend an online professional development – that takes about 3 hours per week. I am still struggling a bit to accommodate the number of tasks, but the situation has improved greatly, esp. now that I can use my right wrist again.

4) We completed my Green Card application. That mostly meant collecting and filling in a bazillion documents and sending them to our lawyer. She is now finishing the application and will submit it soon.

5) We have known for a while that we have to move out of our rented Coop apartment at the end of June because our landlord wants to sell. After thinking about it for a while, we decided to look ourselves for a Condo to buy. We found a great real estate agent who showed us some beautiful Condos. Fingers crossed – we have set our eyes on a very amazing one and hope to buy it soon.

6) Right now we are visiting Rich’s granny in Florida. We really needed a vacation away from the cold north-east. Since both we and the granny are fully vaccinated, we decided to take the plunge and fly to Florida. I also feel I hard-earned this vacation: last April I had Covid, I had severe side effects from the vaccine, on the way to my second vaccination appointment I fell and broke my wrist … The CDC last week adjusted its travel advisory and says it is rather save to travel domestically when you are fully vaccinated. In other places than home we still wear our masks of course. Just enjoying the warm sun makes me feel so much better already.

I think these have been all the important events in my life recently. Hopefully, I now make it through the rest of the year without any further incidents or accidents.

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