Week in review: 9 – 15 November 2020

Overall this week felt a lot quieter than the previous ones. With the presidential election over, we finally slept sound again. For us the result also means that we will stay in the U.S. for at least the next few years. I find this also soothing as we won’t have to organize an international move and start from scratch once more. In order to celebrate this (kind of), I bought myself a desktop computer. I always used to have one, until I moved to the U.S. Either there wasn’t enough space or I wasn’t sure if I would stay in this country. But I actually prefer desktops so much more. I am so excited and hope it will arrive very soon. I mean I already have a desk (although it is hidden under several piles of paper) and a monitor. By the end of next week I should sit at my desk(top) at the window and under the colorful holiday lights and work there. I particularly can’t wait to edit photos properly. While my laptop is great, I think my desktop will be even better.

Besides this, Coronavirus has become a big topic once more around here. Cases have risen steadily and it feels just only like a matter of time until the next lockdown. Since Friday bars and restaurants have a 10 p.m. curfew. We won’t travel anywhere for Thanksgiving. And as case numbers are also rising in Europe, I am a little glad now that I never booked a flight home for Christmas. When I talk to family and friends in Germany, I realize how different our dealing with the virus has been here in New York though. It seems that in Germany people only sometimes wear masks, like when they enter supermarkets. Whenever we go outside, we have worn masks constantly since March. I put my mask on every morning when I walk to the train. It is mandatory to wear masks on public transport. While I walk to my car, I usually take a 10 minute mask break if there isn’t anybody else around me. At school I wear my mask all the time except for when I drink or eat. Then another short mask break on the way back to the train. And the mask is back on until I arrive at home. I have gotten so used to my masks that I usually don’t notice them much anymore. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is still spreading – and my Christmas patterned masks are all ready.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, Küchenschlacht, Avatar, Dash & Lilly, The Grinch
|Read| The Tower of Nero, Quintus in Rom, These Violent Delights
|Listened to| Teoman concerts
|Done| worked, visited Fotografiska on Friday evening, went to New York Botanical Garden on Saturday with Rich, met a friend for dinner on Saturday evening, went ice-skating with Rich on Sunday
|Eaten| pasta, quiche, kebab
|Drunk| water, coffee, fruit teas, chocolate martinis
|Thought| the virus is spreading more and more around us – when will the schools close?
|Been happy| that we did so many things this weekend
|Laughed| at many post-election memes

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|Bought| a desktop computer
|Clicked| while I borrow ebooks from the public library, I sadly haven’t been in an actual one for a long time: What I Miss About the Library; a cat poem: “Ghost Cat” a Poem by Margaret Atwood; after this extract I totally want to read the whole book – in which Baba the cat tells us the history of the world through his eyes: In Which a Cat Narrates Feline History in the Age of European Conquest

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