Week in review: 9 – 15 May 2022

I can’t believe our baby turned already 3 months this week. After I mentioned how great of a sleeper she is, she obviously felt the need to prove me wrong. So we ended up with three pretty bad nights in a row. Once Josephine woke up at 3.30 a.m. and wouldn’t go back to bed. So the three of us had a very early start into the day. Yawn. I am not productive at all on those days. And once more I was incredibly grateful for being a stay-at-home mom right now. I would have been absolutely unbearable if I had had to go to work.

By now it seems we have passed this spell of bad sleep. I recently read somewhere that it is good to remind oneself that “it is so hard to be a baby” – and I think that is so true. Josephine doesn’t do these things to annoy us. Instead she herself probably suffers the most from not sleeping well.

Else, not much happened this week – I am really pretty useless when tired. Most likely my biggest success has been that I managed to eat breakfast every single day. It’s the little things :-).

|Watched| Eurovision Song Contest, Küchenschlacht

|Read| The Tyrant’s Tomb

|Listened to| Eurovision songs

|Done| survived several nights of poor sleep, visited the pediatrician, got a few annoying things done like setting up a new EU bank account, went to a little garden party with Rich and Josephine on Saturday

|Eaten| baked oatmeal, Chinese takeout, eggs Florentine, asaro, chicken over rice, ice-cream, sandwiches

|Drunk| water, coffee, beer

|Thought| Please, baby, just sleep more at night.

|Been happy| yes, despite my lack of sleep – but we are doing so well in general

|Laughed| when Rich danced with Josephine at the garden party

|Desired| sleep!

|Bought| a few more clothes and accessories, esp. pink ones:

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|Clicked| lots of posts on Roe v. Wade and more background information about abortion in the U.S. in general, e.g. Abortion Is Central to the History of Reproductive Health Care in America

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