Handwrytten Notes With a Little Assistance

AD | When was the last time you wrote a card or letter by hand? While I love writing mail (as in paper mail!), I mostly do not find the time for it. Luckily there is Handwrytten to help me out.

When our baby was born, we received gifts and cards from so many people – both from the U.S. and Germany. Of course, we wanted to thank everyone, but didn’t have the time or energy for handwritten letters. Instead Handwrytten thank you cards are the perfect solution for our situation.

Handwrytten Notes With a Little Assistance | janavar

Paper vs. electronic mail

I have always loved to write cards and letters. In one of our closets there are even several small boxes with personal letters I received, mostly from my grandmother and my parents. Even during the one year of our long-distance relationship, when Rich already lived in NYC and I was still in Boston, we regularly wrote letters to each other. Whenever we go on vacation (which, granted, has been a while), I am the one who writes postcards to our families and friends. All of that is fun and creates great memories.

Even today I prefer paper over e-mail. To be honest, I haven’t even written a proper e-mail to update someone on my life in at least 7 years. To me e-mails have become a necessary evil. Obviously, I use them for my job; for contact to banks, administrative offices and insurances; to read newsletters and advertisement … But all of these are impersonal and mostly not fun at all.

The only issue I have with handwritten mail these days is time. As in it costs a lot of time to sit down and compose cards or letters by hand. I feel like I hold my baby several hours a day and the rest of the time I still need to do other essential tasks.

Handwrytten Notes With a Little Assistance | janavar

Handwrytten mail

Handwrytten offers the solution to my (time) problem. I can quickly type messages on my computer (I am actually a fast typer, phew), and their robots write them by hand and with real ink on paper. This way I don’t spill or smudge any ink when the baby wriggles too much.

Moreover, I get to choose the card or letter paper and even the handwriting that is closest to mine. It is called ‘Proper Jeff’, in case you are wondering – I do love my cursive. When we sent out thank you notes after Josephine’s births, we obviously mostly used similar wording. I mean thank you cards have a very specific structure. Handwrytten makes it so easy to use the one typed message and just alter it a little for each card.

Thanks to the robots’ eagerness, they write the notes immediately, even write the envelopes and then send them. Do you know how long paper mail sometimes lies on our entrance table waiting to be taken to the closest mailbox? Yeah, you don’t want to know …

The other thing I highly value is that Handwrytten sends notes internationally. That way we use one service for mail to all our friends and families in the U.S. and in Europe. It isn’t even more expensive – to be honest, the whole service is affordable – we only pay a little more for the extra postage.

For us, Handwrytten is the ideal solution and we continue to send handwritten mail, even if we get a little help from a robot. I wonder if they would like to babysit, too?! 😉

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