Week in review: 9 – 15 January 2023

I feel that, this winter, we are focusing much more on apartment projects. I recently fixed our bathtub plug and switch. Besides, I learned how to use a caulk gun and have started to put silicone in a lot of gaps in our kitchen and bathroom. This week, I re-organized our pantry closet and put many foods in a nice set of storage boxes. Unfortunately, we have small ants living somewhere in our building’s walls and every now and then they come to visit us. This week, we put out better traps and seem to have gotten rid of them for now.

One issue we have with bigger repairs and renovations is that it is pretty much impossible to find handymen in NYC to do it. They have so much work that they are not interested in smaller jobs. Moreover, those are often not worth it because the companies still need to pay for insurance. Like we really want to install two small walls so that our little upstairs area becomes a proper room, aka Josephine’s room. But we just can’t find anyone willing to do that. At this point I am looking at instructions and try to figure out if we can do it ourselves. I have a feeling that 2023 might become the year where I really learn how to do a lot of home projects myself. Not the worst.

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht

|Read| Das Fischernetz, Der Seebrückenteufel, Instagram Marketing 2022-2023, Flaschenpost vom Mörder, Mord auf der Hallig, Countdown in Westerland, Die Tote im Dünenhaus, Blood & Steel

|Listened to| some 80s and 90s pop music

|Done| our week was very average, I once took Josephine for an afternoon walk in the sun to Long Island City, on Friday I had my annual physical checkup, we went to the Queens Zoo on Sunday

|Eaten| pizza, pumpkin soup, cheese sandwiches, Uygur food

|Drunk| water, coffee, chocolate mint tea

|Thought| I think I am coming down either with a cold or a bad bout of my winter allergy

|Been happy| that we have another long weekend

|Laughed| the sea lions in the zoo were very entertaining when they were fed

|Desired| I am very much in the mood of wearing matching clothes with Josephine, and Josephine would look adorable in all those fun Valentine’s Day clothes:

|Bought| a new stroller, a used toaster oven, we booked a weekend trip to Philadelphia

|Clicked| I got to an ARC of “Blood & Steel” to read, really enjoy it and therefore already recommend it before it is published in February; a great opinion article that I whole-heartedly agree with: Yes, Your Job Is Important. But It’s Not All-Important.

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