Week in review: 16 – 22 January 2023

For the first time in six years, I had my winter allergy so badly that it turned into a sinus infection. Something I definitely had not missed at all. That knocked me out for a few days of the week. I was so glad that Rich works from home on Friday because I could nap a lot, while he looked after Josephine.

By Sunday, I finally felt well enough again that we went to Chinatown for the Lunar New Year’s celebrations. I was there last year and loved it – and this year it was just as good. But Chinatown was also much more crowded. Unfortunately, we missed the firecracker ceremony because we only went after Josephine had finished her first nap and her lunch at home. But we saw people popping all the confetti guns and several lion dance groups. Eventually, we went to a restaurant for a late lunch and ate our way through dumplings and several other dishes. So, now we are in the Year of the Rabbit – and I am sure it will be a good one. I mean bunnies are pretty cute, aren’t they?!

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, National Treasure series

|Read| Die Tote im Dünenhaus, Blood & Steel, Der Stalker von List, Der Seenebelmord, Das Camp beim Leuchtturm, Der Gast aus Hörnum, Der Pfauenfedermord

|Listened to| Annenmaykantereit, The Kelly Family, music from Josephine’s Toniebox

|Done| been sick, planned Josephine’s first birthday party, went to Chinatown on Sunday for Lunar New Year

|Eaten| wedding soup, Gambian stew, sandwiches, Chinese

|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal teas, beer

|Thought| I hate sinus infections

|Been happy| despite everything, we still got a lot of things done

|Laughed| with Josephine because it is so much fun to make her giggle 🙂

|Desired| to feel better

|Bought| decorations for Josephine’s birthday party, a bookshelf, nasal spray

|Clicked| I loved Grace’s detailed skincare routine (my skin is also terribly dry in winter): A Hydrating Skincare Routine for Winter; 50 years of and 1 year after Roe vs. Wade: Where the Abortion-Rights Fight Is Headed

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