Week in review: 8 – 21 July 2019

Almost three weeks in Manhattan …

… and I am finally sitting at a proper desk again and, after four years, I finally have a big computer monitor (23″) again, which I find much more convenient to work at. It is not yet in its finally spot, but I might put it there tomorrow.

… and we just made it through the hottest weekend. Today we had temperatures up to 41°C and it was horrible to even step outside at all.

… and I just love living here so much. There is nothing better than sharing every day with both my boyfriend and Canavar.

… and I have gotten used to our 24 hour doormen, who do an amazing job. They carry heavy packages up for us, they keep the building clean, they accept parcels for us, they are always helpful, etc.

… and I went to a NYC beach for the first time ever this week, namely to Rockaway Beach in Queens. It is quite a journey to get there, but totally worth it.

… and I can’t believe I never watched “Gilmore Girls” before. For some reason I always thought the series was about a group of old women, but I was sooo sooo wrong.

… and it is less than two weeks until we fly to England for vacation.

… and I have already found a lovely little Greek grocery shop with delicious olives and really great yogurt.

… and we went to our first boozy brunch on the Upper East Side with a friend. I think I have never had a cheaper brunch in the U.S. – food plus three alcoholic drinks for $20.

… and I have been so tired that I didn’t leave our neighborhood much. But I am slowly feeling more and more recovered.

Week in review: 8 - 21 July 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 8 - 21 July 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 8 - 21 July 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 8 - 21 July 2019 | janavar

|Watched| Jumanji – the old and the new film, Hangover, Gilmore Girls
|Read| I heart Hawaii*, A whole new mind: Why right-brainers will rule the future*, Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts*, Becoming*
|Listened to| whatever Alexa suggested and a few Youtube playlists
|Done| unpacked almost all my boxes, took so many naps with Canavar, we met a friend for dinner, I met a future colleague for coffee and then went to the beach with her, we went to a house warming party, ordered some more furniture, set it up, oh and I sweated quite a bit
|Eaten| risotto, Indian food, icecream, sweet potato pie, künefe, boozy brunch
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, tea, mimosa
|Thought| if I sleep any more, I might really turn into a cat and even grow whiskers 😉
|Been happy| to see our apartment finally coming together; to have a great A.C.
|Laughed| when we watched the Jumanji movies, particularly the new one is sooo funny
|Desired| a tiny bit more closet space maybe 😀
|Bought| a desk and a dresser for myself as well as a computer monitor, things like a carpet and a bookshelf for us, food
|Clicked| I would love to make simits (or Koulouria as they are apparently called in Greece) myself: Rezept für Koulouria: griechische Sesamringe; this ramen burger also looks delish: Ramen Burger Rezept mit knusprigem Tofu & Pak Choi; Iceland has been on my travel bucket list for so long, but until I get to go there one day, I enjoy reading travel reports from others: Reisetipps & Bericht: Island´s Ringstraße – 1 Woche zwischen Feuer & Eis

© janavar

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