Friday’s Five

1. The hottest weekend is lying ahead. For NYC there are an excessive heat warning and an air quality alert. Temperatures are said to reach 37°C (almost 100 °F), but thanks to much humidity it is going to feel so much hotter and worse. Mayor de Blasio has even declared a heat emergency. I have never before been this happy to live in an apartment with a great A.C. Here is a useful guide on “How to survive NYC’s upcoming heat wave”.

Friday's Five | janavar

2. Canavar. Yesterday I shed a good few tears because he suddenly seemed unwell. He only slept – mostly under the bed, didn’t meow and walked a little weird. His back was always slightly round and he didn’t even jump up to the sink to drink. I actually lifted him up there. He is 8 years old and I suppose cats at that age aren’t exactly young anymore. But I had never seen Canavar like this. This morning though he was back to being his “old” self. He can bend and do his cat yoga, he jumps, he meows, he begs for snacks, and he is just adorable. I hope that he only had a bad day yesterday. Maybe cats can twist a muscle, too?! In cat years he is about 50 years old and I wish that he’ll become an ancient granddad cat <3.

Friday's Five | janavar

3. Alexa Dot*. I have had mine for almost three years and still love it. I usually use it to tell me the weather forecast and as a substitute for a radio. A few months ago I bought my first smart light bulb [this one*] and I mostly direct it via Alexa. I find it a lot easier to switch the light off via voice control while lying in bed with Canavar on my legs. Like I don’t have to disturb my cat and I can’t bump my toes in the dark anymore. My boyfriend has now slowly gotten used to Alexa and hurries to tell her to switch that light on or off before me. We find the dot just so convenient, esp. since one is enough for our more than 60 sq.m. apartment.

4. Internet security guidelines for women. We discuss more and more what we present of ourselves online and how. This German guide was specifically written for women and gives advice on how to question online habits and deal with problems, particularly on what to do when you are molested online or when a partner tries to control you and your devices.

5. Camel Phat & Jake Bugg: “Be Someone”. I am a huge fan of singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and have seen him live twice so far. This is his newest single. As a progressive house track it is different to Bugg’s usual music, but his striking voice is clearly recognizable. I like “Be Someone” as a relaxing summer song – with quite an important message.

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