Week in review: 8 – 14 February 2021

This week didn’t go according to plan at all. First we had another snow day on Tuesday, albeit without any snow actually. Our landlord, who is planning to sell the apartment this summer, also sent a painter for little “touch-ups”. Those meant that our whole apartment was full of white dust everywhere and the painter had blown a outlet. It was actually so dirty that they had to send a cleaning person. I then spent Thursday and Friday mostly in bed and on the sofa after my fall. It is safe to say that I am not a particular fan of this week.

The one great thing that happened though was that I finally brought myself to subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now. I had be toying with the idea for months and even hoped that somebody would just give the subscription to me for Christmas. Anyway, if you like trivial movies like me, this streaming channel is the perfect choice. It makes me so happy to watch a good selection of cozy mysteries – my absolute favorites. So far Rich is also still okay with them and even tries to guess the murderers. Once I feel well again and my vacation is over (my one week of winter vacation just started), I plan on grading exams while watching those movies. Funnily enough that combination has always had me work the most efficiently.

|Watched| Almanya – Welcome to Germany, GNTM, several Hallmark cozy mysteries
|Read| The Dirty Coven, A Fistful of Demons, Boot Scootin’ Boogeyman, The Monstrous Seven, Outlawed
|Listened to| Tokio Hotel
|Done| worked (on Tuesday from home due to snow), fell and suffered from quite a bit of pain
|Eaten| rests from our Super Bowl dinner, sushi, potato soup, vegan bibimbap
|Drunk| water, coffee, apple juice
|Thought| I’ll feel well just in time for my second Covid vaccination, which will most likely knock me out again … this February runs like a charm for me … not
|Been happy| that Lotti and Arti slept on and next to me when I was at home recovering
|Laughed| not so much this week
|Desired| mostly to feel well
|Bought| a Hallmark Movies Now subscription, a few spring clothes:

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|Clicked| more book recommendations: 21 Diverse, Loved-Up Books That Will Make You Root for Romance All Month Long; a great scrutiny: Is this cancel culture? Josh Hawley vs. The 1619 Project; this was exactly what I needed because we have a few small pieces of soap lying a round: Seifenreste verwerten… als selbst gemachte Flüssigseife, in Seifensäckchen & Co.

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