Weekend Musings, Vol. 2: On Losing Balance (Literally)

Every now and then, ok, regularly, I run into things. Sometimes my shoulder already rams the wall when I get up. I also tend to walk into door frames. Oh, and I bump my toes on my great-grandmothers wooden chest. I am not sure why that is. Rich would say we have too many things standing around. Although I believe that walls and door frames are rather typical in houses. I stick to my theory, of course, that those things move into my way on purpose. Anyway, over the years I have gotten used to my clumsiness and a few bruises.

To be very honest, I have never had the greatest sense of equilibrium. I remember when I had roller skates and constantly fell. I think this must be why my parents wrapped me into knee and elbow guards, which made me look ridiculous. Trust me, it is bad enough to not be able to keep your balance on skates as a kid. But to be the only one in the whole village with pads makes you the biggest joke of the year. I also didn’t ace in sports. I still shudder just thinking of the balance beam. Oh, and I absolutely hated the asymmetrical parallel bars.

In general I think I have survived pretty well and mostly without injuries, considering how clumsy I am (there once was a slightly broken arm from falling off my bike on black ice when cycling to a lecture in university, as well as a slightly broken finger and a bursitis from two ice-skating incidents, well, and plenty of bruises, obviously).

That is why I am even more annoyed at the accident I had this Thursday. Yes, it was slippery outside in the morning. So I put on my winter boots with the best tread – and I didn’t slip at all. All the way to work I was fine despite several patches of black ice on the sidewalks. I had planned the rest of the week so well. I was so ready … and then I slipped. Inside. On a dry patch of wonderfully polished linoleum. Well, I can’t even remember slipping. All I recall is landing on my back, my right hand clutching my laptop and some books. And the pain. So excruciating that I initially just lay there (with my skirt up my belly I would like to add – thank god for opaque leggings) and the school nurse had to come to help me up.

Instead of starting my work day, my colleague and friend took me to the ER so that my right elbow could be X-rayed. Fortunately, I hadn’t broken anything, but sprayed and bruised my elbow. Resulting in me spending the last three days mostly in bed and on the sofa, nurturing my (inner) wounds. Luckily only the right side of my body hurts and the left side feels totally fine. But who could have guessed that everything from the big toe to the rips up to the shoulder and neck plus the whole arm with its elbow and wrist would hurt so much. Only from slipping on one small patch of dry plastic inside.

I think I maybe should ask my parents to send my old elbow and knee pads to me? Surely, kids nowadays wouldn’t laugh at them as they even wear helmets when skating?

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