Week in review: 7 – 13 March 2022

This week we hopefully got the last snow of the winter … twice. But, seriously, from tomorrow on temperatures are expected to rise and it looks like spring is actually arriving in New York City. Since it was so cold yesterday, we decided to spend most of the day at home. It was the perfect Saturday: we put on pajamas and watched two Narnia movies. There was also a lot of cuddling. We learned that our sofa easily fits two adults, one baby and two cats.

Besides, this was the last week of Rich’s paternity leave. So we tried to make the most of it. Read: do little and relax. To be honest, that is rather easy with a baby as relaxed as ours. I can only hope that she continues to be so low-maintenance.

So … fingers crossed for springtime and an easy transition into a more regulated daily routine.

|Watched| Narnia 2 & 3, Turning Red, GNTM

|Read| The House of Hades, The Blood of Olympus

|Listened to| a bit of 2000’s music

|Done| looked after the baby, took her to a doctor’s appointment, went out for brunch

|Eaten| leftovers, sandwiches, pizza, negrino

|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal tea

|Thought| I can’t believe the baby is already a month old

|Been happy| all the time

|Laughed| how the cats love to sleep in the baby bouncer

|Desired| I really would love to fit into my old jeans again … but I am afraid that postpartum weight loss takes slightly longer … maybe a few new clothes then:

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|Bought| a new WiFi stick for my computer

|Clicked| new book recommendations: 8 Books to Help You Spot, Challenge & Break the Bias this International Women’s Day; I love how Joanna normalizes period (talk) with her sons: Why I Regularly Talk About Periods With My Sons; I am already afraid of future hair loss (and read everything to keep the damage as little as possible – if possible): MY TIPS FOR DEALING WITH POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS

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