Week in review: 14 – 20 March 2022

Last week Rich returned to work. So now it is just Josephine, the cats and me at home on most days. We are slowly figuring out a proper routine. Although that is mostly dictated by the baby’s feeding and napping times. I am still very much in the baby bubble and enjoy our time together so much. There are so many little developments and I am glad I get to experience them all. With spring in the City, the two of us go on a walk or two every day (meaning: I walk and push the stroller and Josephine immediately falls asleep).

Besides, there are not so many things happening here. I simply don’t yet find a lot of time for activities other than looking after my baby and doing household chores. But I am confident that I am also slowly improving in this area.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Dinosaurs, GNTM

|Read| The Magnolia Palace, The Blood of Olympus, The Hidden Oracle

|Listened to| very little

|Done| went to Josephine’s 1st month doctor checkup, settled into more of a routine, went to see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, took many long walks

|Eaten| potato casserole, pasta, salad

|Drunk| water, coffee, cider

|Thought| how does the baby grow so quickly?!

|Been happy| pretty much all the time

|Laughed| when Rich plays with Josephine

|Desired| I was pretty happy with everything

|Bought| several pairs of pants in a thrift store

|Clicked| I hope that we can avoid them as much as possible: 5 Ways to Help Children Avoid Gender Stereotypes; I can’t wait for this: Who Needs Ice? Roller-Skating Comes to Rockefeller Center.

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