My Push Present Box for New Dad Rich

While push presents seem to be usually more for new moms, I figured that I really wanted to give a push present box to Rich as a new dad. After all, he had to bear me for the last 10 months and that wasn’t always easy. Like I will never forgot the moment when, during the first trimester, I started crying heart-rendingly because our child might inherit his sense of fashion.

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Once I thought about it, I found plenty of cute things for my push present box that promoted Rich to new dad. I felt he definitely needed a book with dad jokes. Although I wonder if most bad dad jokes come naturally to men. Also, I really liked the idea of Rich hopefully writing a few letters to the baby. The little booklet consists basically of stationary and gives different ideas what to write in those letters.

We learned from his cousins that apparently the most important accessory to any stroller is the (adult) cup holder. So I ordered him a tumbler for long stroller walks. He will most likely fill it with coffee – but on very tough days he could also put some whiskey in it, ha ha. I was quite proud of finding a whiskey called “Dad’s Hat”. Or some hot chocolate – I made three hot chocolate bombs because who ever gets through a week without chocolate?!

Because Rich loves T-shirts with slogans, I also got him one in purple (one of his favorite colors). As well as a tiny romper for our girl. But the slogan says it all … Even though I know that he is not a big fan of jewelry, I thought a necklace with all our names and birth years would be a great addition to the push present box.

I used an older box and wrapped it with scarves because it is more environmentally friendly. Then I hid it inside my closet until the time came for us to go to the hospital. Well, minus half an hour so that Rich had time to have a look. And to read a letter that I had written a few days prior and added to the box.

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