Week in review: 6 – 12 July 2020

I am slowly reaching my vacation mode – the do as little as possible and your body and mind will relax mode. It always takes me a little time to get there. To help this along, I am now on the way to Long Island with a friend. We have decided that it will do us good to leave the City for a few days. So we stay in the town of Riverhead until Thursday. The hotels in the Hamptons were quite pricy so we decided to stay just close by. But as we are taking my car, this shouldn’t be any problem. We can drive to the beaches and to the Hamptons. All I know about the Hamptons is from “Sex and the City”. So I am obviously excited (even though we don’t take the Jitney).

We only hope that the weather will be a little better over the next few days. This week we had rain and thunderstorms almost every day. The capstone being a tropical storm on Friday. So a little less humidity would be very welcome.

|Watched| Türkisch für Anfänger
|Read| Ruhm, The One, Harley Merlin and the Mortal Pact, Upper Witcher, The New York Times, Time Magazine
|Listened to| a summer playlist that Spotify suggested (or rather put together for me)
|Done| enjoyed my second week of summer break, spent a bit of time in Bryant Park, we went to a friend’s house on Friday night to play board games, packed my suitcase
|Eaten| seafood, German bread with cheese, my mango raspberry cobbler, couscous salad, pizza
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| At this point the U.S. is the only democratic country that doesn’t allow any immigrants in and that tries to get rid of the rest.
|Been happy| I mean: summer vacation!!! So yes.
|Laughed| when we played board games with friends Friday night
|Desired| little:

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|Bought| a new car insurance, booked a hotel room for the upcoming week on Long Island
|Clicked| I enjoyed reading about this TJ haul (since it is my favorite supermarket here in Midtown anyways): Trader Joe’s Favorites: new soup dumplings, snacks, treats; the New York Times Magazine has published 29 new short stories by famous writers: The Decameron Project

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