Week in review: 13 – 19 July 2020

What a wonderful week it has been! I spent it, together with a friend, mostly on Long Island. Our hotel room, a suite with two queen sized beds, was clean and affordable. We then drove to different places on the North Fork and the Hamptons every day. Long Island seems to be such a wonderful place. The beaches there are pretty with lots of white sand and nice waves. There are vineyards. And many little towns with cute cafes and a few sights. It felt a bit like being in Southern Europe (well, if you ignore the many U.S. flags and quite a few Trump car stickers and front yard posters). This week definitely helped me to relax on a larger scale. So yay!

|Watched| Türkisch für Anfänger, Once Upon a Time
|Read| The New York Times
|Listened to| the radio
|Done| went to Long Island and the Hamptons with a friend from last Sunday to Thursday, went to another friend’s small birthday party on Friday, we spent time on Orchard Beach today
|Eaten| pizza, lobster roll, vegan bowl, German bread rolls
|Drunk| water, coffee, wine
|Thought| I could totally live in the Hamptons or Long Island and pull of this stay at home cat mom and wine drinker thing.
|Been happy| Beach vacation, vineyards, sunshine …
|Laughed| a lot because I spent so much time with friends
|Desired| very little as I was mostly lying at the beach 🙂
|Bought| groceries at Lidl, a few bottles of wine, two pairs of sneakers and some exercise clothes at the Nike outlet
|Clicked| nothing except for Google Maps and Instagram

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