Week in review: 6 – 12 January 2020

The first full week in 2020 has passed. To me it felt more like a shallow babbling. I couldn’t quite find back into my routines yet. It wasn’t like I was unmotivated for work, I was more missing the extra sparkle for the first few days. But slowly everything feels better. Although I might not find those routines easily because the next weekend is a long one because of Martin Luther King Day. In the beginning of February I maybe participate in a professional development to Washington D.C. and then it is already winter break in the second February week.

The weekend in contrast was absolutely wonderful. We had spring weather, i.e. almost 20°C and sunshine. I wore summer dresses and just enjoyed two beautiful days. It felt weird, but in a good way. I understand that those high temperatures are exceptional – but I also remember that in Boston there were two or three days almost every year in February where it suddenly got pretty warm. So maybe those days just came earlier this year. I, in any case, soaked up all the sunshine and warmth and feel now ready for winter. You know, I am still waiting for those snow days …

Week in review: 6 – 12 January 2020 - janavarWeek in review: 6 – 12 January 2020 - janavarWeek in review: 6 – 12 January 2020 - janavarWeek in review: 6 – 12 January 2020 - janavar

|Watched| Little Women, Lord of the Rings
|Read| The Essex Serpent*, Vorstadtkrokodile*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| some podcasts, workout music, James Blunt
|Done| went back to work on Monday, hit the gym again, cut myself twice with a new knife I got for Christmas and decided to never use it again, went to the cinema on Thursday, attended a party with friends on Friday, went to my hairdresser, celebrated our anniversary Saturday night
|Eaten| pasta, green salad, lots of Christmas cookies that turned up everywhere *oops*, baked potato, enchiladas, an amazing five course meal at the NoMad Restaurant
|Drunk| water, coffee, different teas, hot chocolate, coke
|Thought| I can’t believe Jo didn’t marry Laurie (in “Little Women”) – such a disappointing plot twist
|Been happy| OMG, yes!
|Laughed| a lot
|Desired| I know that I have more than enough nail polishes, but that new Essie Flying Solo* collection is sooooo pretty, I’d also love to try The Seaweed Bath Detox + Age Defying Purifying Micro Scrub* which I read about on the Stripe
|Bought| new socks and a few dresses on sale
|Clicked| there will be Harry Potter store in Manhattan soon: Hold Onto Your Broomsticks: The First-Ever Harry Potter Flagship Store Is Opening This Summer; a wonderful article about: The 8 Million Reasons to Love New York. A tribute to those inspiringly singular New Yorkers who wouldn’t — probably couldn’t — live anywhere else.; this review made me quite curious about Goop products: Good Glow Review

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