Week in review: 5 – 11 October 2020

On Friday we drove all the way up to the family house in Maine. A 9 hour drive. And that is only to the southern part of Maine. But it was the right decision to drive the whole way because we then had all of Saturday already as our first proper day of fall break. This time we took our two little kittens with us. We hope that we can get them used to a few things like car trips. They were true little champs and didn’t seem bothered at all. They didn’t meow or even throw a tantrum. No kitten accidents. We even let them out of their bag because they were that calm. They then explored the car a bit and eventually curled up on Rich’s lap to sleep.

Now we are spending the whole week in the family house. Up here it is wonderfully quiet and relaxing. The weather has been good and we have enjoyed a warm and sunny weekend. Still, there is a fire in the oven because the nights are chilly. Right now (in 2020) I can’t think of a better place to spend my fall break at and with my favorite human and the new kittens.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Great British Baking Show
|Read| The New York Times, Quintus geht nach Rom, Lord of the Rings, In Case You Missed It, The Space Between Worlds
|Listened to| Teoman
|Done| worked, played and snuggled with the kittens, drove up to Maine on Friday, enjoyed a quiet weekend
|Eaten| sandwiches, pumpkin soup, burger, burito, steak, pasta
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, pumpkin beer
|Thought| Wow, my school has indeed been fully open for 6 weeks.
|Been happy| we had a not very stressful drive up to Maine, the kittens didn’t seem to mind the trip in the car at all, I love our time up here
|Laughed| when Rich played with the kittens in the car

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|Bought| a few beauty products at an online sampe sale
|Clicked| a great introduction or reminder to SEO: A quick beginners guide to SEO for bloggers in 2020; another delicious apple cake: Himmelstorte mit Äpfeln – 2 Baiserböden für norddeutsches Kuchenglück

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