Week in review: 28 September – 4 October 2020

What a week! We started it with feeling a little defeated. Then on Tuesday we watched the first presidential debate and were flabbergasted. At least we already had the good sense to sit there with wine and popcorn, awaiting a Hollywood-style spectacle. On Friday then we woke up to the news that the president has fallen sick with Covid-19. For somebody who doesn’t believe in Coronavirus and protecting from it this must be a rather bad sign of karma. For us, these have been a few quiet political days. Rather relaxing really.

Our highlight of the week though happened yesterday when we welcomed two little kitten girls to our home. We had applied to adopt a pair of kittens a few weeks ago. These two were introduced to us last weekend and everything suddenly moved really quickly. Yesterday around lunch time we still attended an online seminar by the adoption agency and just after 2 p.m. their foster mom delivered them to us. They are ten-week-old sisters. We have called them Hasi 1 and Hasi 2 for now (yes, we both love German series “Türkisch für Anfänger” a lot). So far they mostly play with each other and explore the living room. At night they slept on a suitcase under our bed. They are the cutest and we are so much in love with them.

This week feels a bit like a turning point after tough months this year. We are definitely hoping for better days to stay here from now on.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Great British Baking Show, the first presidential debate
|Read| The New York Times, Quintus geht nach Rom, Lord of the Rings, In Case You Missed It
|Listened to| Duman, Teoman
|Done| worked, got the apartment kitten ready, met friends for drinks, welcomed the kittens into our home
|Eaten| sandwiches, pumpkin soup, pasta, popcorn
|Drunk| water, coffee, pumpkin beer, margaritas, white wine
|Thought| How can the kittens be so stinking cute?!
|Been happy| kittens kittens kittens
|Laughed| eh, about the kittens when they play

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|Bought| kitten food and litter
|Clicked| these backgrounds are stunning: Free, Downloadable Tech Backgrounds for October 2020!; I enjoyed this interview: Exclusive: Drew Barrymore on the Magic of Color and Why She Takes Her Time to Decorate; what a beautiful collection: The Half Baked Harvest x Etsy Holiday Collection is Here!

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