Week in review: 5 – 11 June 2017

Here, we are slowly counting down the days until summer vacation starts. From today on it’s another three weeks or 19 days or 15 school days. It even looks like summer has finally arrived for good. I mean we’ve had four summer days in a row, and it’s supposed to stay hot. Canavar sleeps mainly with his feet in the air, and even I drink iced coffee now. I generally find everything greater when it’s summer (no comment on why I decided to Boston with its long and freezing winters). Suddenly, I don’t feel as tired in the evenings and spend more time outside and with friends (usually combining both). I went kayaking twice because I love being out on the water. Esp. on a hot day like today, it felt so good to be on the cool and windy water. From time to time cold water sloshed into my kayak and refreshed my legs. The only problem I still have to master is that my arms aren’t trained yet to paddle against the wind for a longer time. But with a bit more practice I should improve, I hope. And if summer stays, I have a lot of time for kayaking until the season ends in October.


|Watched| nothing
|Read| Wedding Cake Murder, Strawberry Shortcake Murder
|Listened to| Duman, Yüksek Sadakat, James Blunt
|Done| worked, watched a school soccer match, went kayaking with a friend, attended a friend’s reading
|Eaten| pasta, burritos, pancakes, halloumi cheese
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| only three weeks till summer vacation
|Been happy| my apartment feels so much for comfortable now with my new roommate
|Laughed| when a first grader asked me if I was pregnant – my second thought was that I might need to go on a little diet
|Desired| I can’t think of anything
|Bought| a few summer clothes, a portable mini washer
|Clicked| this world map is fantastic: “Travel the Globe on Foot with Denmark’s Walkable World Map”; a different perspective: “What I’ve Learned About Germans Since Moving to Germany (Round 2)”; I love this makeup: “Beauty: Der perfekte Sommer Glow”; great tipps: “Taking Stunning Photos With No Photographer”

© janavar


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