Summer Wish List

While we (that is Canavar and I ) are transpiring at 32 °C, we are also happy that it finally is this hot. Of course, it would be nice if our apartment had an AC, but we can’t have it all. Instead, I have closed all the windows and lowered the blinds – which works only a little. I’ll so enjoy my car’s AC in a little while when I’m going back to work (probably after suffering a heat stroke when opening the car). Canavar’s strategy is to sleep even more, preferably in shady places like my closet. Unfortunately, he is a little more awake at night and asks for his breakfast at 4 a.m.

My ideas center more around being at the water soon. The weather is perfect to go stand-up paddling, lie on the beach, or invite myself to my friend and her pool. Unfortunately, this week is filled with much work because I have to determine the final grades until the end of the week #lifeofateacher. So for now I stick to iced coffee, water by the liter, and I at least dream of the near future which I’ll spend at and on the water a lot. This is why I compiled a wish list that already puts me in the right mood. This year’s fashion totally corresponds with my taste because it is full of flamingos and tropical prints. And I’ve already asked my friend and may put an inflatable flamingo (a big one) into her pool. I can’t wait. For some stupid reason, anything inflatable isn’t allowed in the sea, at least not on guarded beaches in Massachusetts. I guess I’ll use the inflatables in my friend’s pool and wear the clothes when going to the beach.

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