Week in review: 30 January – 5 February 2017

Change of plan: After I felt so much better yesterday, I am back in bed today. I couldn’t go to today’s protests against Trump, and I had to cancel watching the Super Bowl with friends. But lying in bed feels best right now. Canavar sleeps next to me. Isn’t it incredible how much cats sleep? I think he hasn’t been up for the last five hours. I alternate between watching a little TV, sleeping, and drinking buckets of tea. I’m quite disappointed that I don’t get to taste all the unhealthy foods during the Super Bowl. Especially since I neither feel like getting up and cooking. Instead I have snacked on red grapes. Not fermented.

|Watched| Princess Protection Program, The Huntsmen: Winter’s War
|Read| The Bastard of Istanbul, New York Times, Time Magazine
|Listened to| whatever Alexa suggested – she knows the music I like
|Done| worked, went to a friend’s birthday party, got sick and stayed in bed
|Eaten| birthday cake, nohut, fish soup, pizza
|Drunk| water, coffee, sage tea
|Thought| Why do I always get organizing tasks? I don’t like organizing, I am not good at organizing.
|Been happy| when I felt better
|Laughed| about all these movies – because it is “America first”, but who is going to be second?!
|Desired| a plan
|Bought| posters, Sharpies, a dress
|Clicked| my favorite Super Bowl commercial from last year, and a new one everybody is talking about:

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