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My first cold this winter caught me pretty badly. I took an Uber home from work yesterday afternoon and spent the remaining day in bed. It would have probably been a lot wiser to stay at home the whole day. For some reason I am better at telling other people to stay at home when they are sick than taking my own advice. The only thing I liked about the whole situation was that I had a reason to order pizza because I just didn’t feel like getting up and making food. Surely, this pizza must have been a wonderful medicine because today I feel much better, albeit not fit yet. Well, this or all those vitamin pills and sinus decongestants. I even managed to go to the market today and buy fruits and vegetables. So I guess I’ll be ready to watch the Superbowl tomorrow evening with my friends. The New England Patriots (from Boston!) play against the Atlanta Falcons. Even though I don’t know all the rules of American football, I like the Superbowl because of the great advertisements and the show during the break. Oh, and we’ll eat loads of unhealthy foods. We are going to meet at a friend’s house because watching the game at home is much cheaper than going to a pub. And who knows … if the Patriots win, I might be more interested in American football or at least the players.

But I don’t only want to write of a topic I hardly know anything about. I know much more about handbags.

I have been in love with Marc Jacobs bags for several years. When I came to the U.S. for the first time exactly four years ago, I even bought several bags [here]. On sale. The dollar was weak. And I absolutely needed them. Anyways, I still use them and they still look really good considering that I carry one of these most days. Since I have moved to Boston, my common sense usually tells me to walk by the Marc Jacobs store on Newbury Street, even to look into another direction. But my common sense apparently switched off when I was in Las Vegas [here]. Seriously, I blame it on the Vegas vibes. There, in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace I suddenly stood in front of a Marc Jacobs store. It screamed for me. And there was a sale going on – I can’t exactly remember, but I am almost sure most bags were %50 off. I immediately fell in love with the medium sized Madison Patent Classic Shoulder Bag in dark silver [here]*. It was so shiny and lovely. I got it as a souvenir for myself and have since been wearing it every time I go out. The only tiny minus is that the bag shows every fingerprint so that I spend a lot of time shining it (or stroking it because it’s so pretty).

Since I was already shopping in Vegas, I also entered the Kate Spade store where many things were on sale, too. Many shiny things. I ended up buying a wallet [here]* and a card holder [here]*, both from the Rainer Lane Iridescant line. The blue card holder is especially convenient because it perfectly fits into my new Marc Jacobs bag – and in %99 of all shops here I pay with my card. So when I go out, I only need my public transport ticket, my driver’s licence, and a credit card. Basically, Kate and Marc are a perfect match, and I love them. And the wallet … I mean it is pink. Do I need say any more? My old purse, which I bought in Ireland, is almost ten years old, and I love using it, but from time to time Kate may accompany me. The new purse is better as in dollar bills fit in, and there are more slots for cards. Seriously, in the U.S. you hardly use cash anymore. I only ever need cash for the market and my laundry.

Do you have a favorite designer for handbags? How often do you buy a new one?

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2 thoughts on “Kate & Marc – My new bags”

  1. Da hast du ganz tolle neue Stücke gefunden. Ich finde beide ganz wundervoll. Und ich nutze eigentlich auch nur noch ein ganz kleines Portemonnaie. Passt einfach besser in kleine Handtaschen. Ich besitze bisher nur eine einzige Designer Handtasche, meine Celine Trio Bag. Schon länger habe ich ein Auge auf die Cloe Faye geworfen. Die ist allerdings so verdammt teuer, dass ich dafür sparen und einen wirklich guten Anlass haben muss. Es wird also noch dauern, bis ich meine 2. Tasche bekomme ;).
    Viele liebe Grüße an dich

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