Week in review: 3 – 9 May 2021

Today we got up at 7.20 a.m. Way too early for my liking on a Sunday morning. Esp. since our new coffee machine hasn’t arrived yet. So I sipped one cup of instant coffee before our friends picked us up at 8 to go to Palisades Interstate Park on the Hudson River. I was lucky that they also needed some more caffeine so that we all got coffee from the cafe on our block before leaving by car. Once I had finished that second dose of coffee and we arrived at the park, I was already in a much better mood. They sun was glistening on the Hudson water and I took a nice long walk along the river. Rich and our two friends hiked a trail, but since I hate hiking, I felt extremely good just having some me time. I had brought my DSLR camera and took plenty of photos. And when I returned to the parking lot or rather the picnic area close by, just before the others, I set up our freshly made (last night) vegan zucchini banana bread. Which we almost finished.

The amazing thing about getting up early (who would have thought) is that we arrived back at home at 1 p.m. So there was still so much left of the day. For laundry, packing things into moving boxes, switching on Manfred (our robot vacuum), and some TV. Maybe every now and then, like three times per year, I could be persuaded to get up early on a Sunday to take a walk in the sun. Once our new coffee machine arrives (tomorrow! scream!), its fancy coffees might even wake me up properly before 8 a.m.

|Watched| Shadow and Bone, GNTM
|Read| Great Balls of Fury; Fury Godmother; People We Meet on Vacation; The Four Winds
|Listened to| Turkish rock
|Done| worked, worried about our mortgage, we went out with friends to a Malaysian restaurant Friday night, we went to Palisades Interstate Park for a walk on Sunday morning
|Eaten| banana bread, impossible burger, soup, Malaysian dinner (pancake with spicy dip, nasi lemak)
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| Why is this May so rainy and cold???
|Been happy| when I read that our coffee machine is supposed to arrive a few days earlier – namely tomorrow
|Laughed| we made a lot of word puns on Sunday
|Desired| (mostly) sparkly birthday presents:

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|Bought| a pair of shoes, a handband and a pair of sunglasses from Mango (when I felt very stressed out)
|Clicked| super interesting and sad: What’s Wrong with the Way We Work; I love bronzers – ever since they have improved so much that my tan looks actually great, and so I really want to try this spray: The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist!

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