My Birthday Wish List 2021

My birthday is coming up in less than 3 weeks. So I thought about all the pretty things I wish for – and I realized that this year they are mostly sparkly because I long for activities and events I can dress up for.

And I really don’t want to be unprepared in case something takes place without much notice. Recently I noted for instance that I haven’t worn high heels in more than a year. Sure, I wear shoes with smaller heels, but proper high heels purvey a very different feeling. I think I’ll start by wearing high heels soon while sitting at my desk. That always used to be my way of breaking a new pair in anyways. Now it feels more like breaking in my feet.

Just last night I actually checked some restaurants in the City to go to on my birthday (or the night before) – but there aren’t any tables available at all anymore. I guess everybody is dying for that outside from home life. It is possible that I have to bury myself under a blanket on the 24th (but make it definitely overdressed!). Maybe I am lucky and finally get a big weighted blanket. It has been on my wish list for forever.

Besides all the sparkly, purchasable objects, I absolutely wish for the pandemic to leave us and for everyday life to normalize. So that I can go places and to events. Like concerts or performances. That I don’t have to plan a trip to a museum weeks in advance because everybody reserves tickets super early. And traveling to Europe, esp. to see my family again would be amazing. Although with my Green Card application pending, I am not allowed to leave the country right now. Here’s to my travel permit arriving as quickly as possible once I am 37!

1 dress | 2 clutch | 3 leopard necklace 1 | 4 alligator necklace | 5 Olaplex No. 3 | 6 Olaplex No. 8 |
7 sunglasses | 8 jeweled pumps | 9 dinosaur earrings | 10 leopard necklace 2 | 11 weighted blanket

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