Week in review: 29 July – 4 August 2019

Hi from England! Strictly speaking from an old RAF field just outside of Newark-on-Trent where we are to attend the European Juggling Convention (please read: my boyfriend attends it actively, I am the accompanying girlfriend and a passive watcher). I believe it is not too far away from Nottingham. When we picked up out rental car from Heathrow Airport yesterday, we just followed the “Great North Road” or generally speaking all signs that said “The NORTH”. It reminded me very much of Game of Thrones.

Also, I had never actually been to England. I would change flights at London airports sometimes to go to Ireland, but that was it. It seems like a cute little country so far, at least as long as it doesn’t rain. Quaint little towns alternate with summer fields. Yesterday evening the camping ground even smelled a little bit of liquid manure. That again reminded me very much of the village I grew up in in Northern Germany. And yes, we are camping. I sleep in a tent. I. I who already disliked sleeping in a tent as a teenager and, at the time, my friends and I only ever set up our tents in our families’ gardens.

To be honest, I assume it could be much much worse. The tent is a little small and I have problems getting in and out, but it was quite comfortable to sleep. And despite being jetlagged I managed to sleep for almost eight hours. That could also be because my boyfriend surprised my with unpacking our duvet yesterday. We are also not too far away from the bathrooms and the showers have proper hot water. So I guess, given my dislike for camping, it could be sooooo much worse. Let’s see how I feel after the forecast thunderstorms later on today 😉 .

|Watched| Sea Wall/A Life; Gilmore Girls, Fantastic Beasts 2, Harry and Sally
|Read| A whole new mind: Why right-brainers will rule the future*, Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind*
|Listened to| Bad on Paper Podcast, a happy mood playlist on Youtube
|Done| did lots of small tasks that needed to be done before we left for vacation, met one of my best friends and her sister, went to the theater, flew to England Friday night, drove to and checked in at the European Juggling Convention, survived my first night in a tent
|Eaten| spinach with tofu, pizza, sushi salad, pasta, chicken wings, meat pies
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer
|Thought| yeah, definitely no knife or axe throwing workshop for me, thanks
|Been happy| hot shower on the camping ground!!!, and Lidl!!! So many Lidl stores in England so that we went grocery shopping there yesterday and it felt like paradise (also: groceries here are soooooooo cheap in comparison to the U.S.)
|Laughed| with one of my best friends who came to NYC
|Desired| a bigger tent?!
|Bought| a few things like a UK prepaid SIM card, some hair accessories
|Clicked| for lots of information like the weather forecast, flight info, etc.

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