Week in review: 27 January – 2 February 2020

It is Super Bowl Sunday! Tonight the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will play against each other. Okay, I am neither much interested in American football nor do I understand its rules. But the Super Bowl is always fun! This year we’ll go to Long Island City and watch the game there with friends. To us the food is much more important than the game anyways. Today we bring a bowl of salad – a really delicious one though. And hopefully somebody else will bring chicken wings.

Except for this exciting food sports event, the week has been rather quiet. I was happy when we stayed at home most evenings. That gave me time to just relax and read a lot. Some weeks I just feel like hiding myself away. I already talk to so many people at work every day that my introverted I really needs a break once I leave. I mean I obviously talk to my boyfriend and Canavar at home, but that is as far as it goes. Part of this surely is due to a little winter blues. Many days this week were rather gloomy, although not freezing. What I really want and need though is sunshine (and warmth). Then again, what would be a better time than now to create the hygge feeling at home – light up some candles, take long baths, snuggle up under blankets on the sofa … I might actually enjoy a few more of these very introverted, homely weeks. My wish might even come true as the groundhog saw his shadow today (i.e. we should have six more weeks of winter).

|Watched| Dolittle, Rise of Empires: Ottoman, The Protector, GNTM
|Read| Vorstadtkrokodile*, Strawberries and Sweet Lies*, Elanus*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| Goop podcasts, Bad on Paper podcast, Turkish rock music
|Done| worked, had report card conferences on Monday afternoon; we went on a double date Friday night; on Saturday morning I went to the cinema to watch Dolittle
|Eaten| salads, red lentil soup, cabbage rolls, a plant based burger, pear cobbler
|Drunk| water, coffee, different teas, some vegetable juice
|Thought| I just can’t help it … when people try to interfere in my matters, I don’t want to do them anymore
|Been happy| when I found the cheap slow cooker and then tried it immediately at home
|Laughed| my boyfriend has started to send me funny videos almost daily during the week and they always make me laugh
|Desired| my piece and quiet
|Bought| an amazingly cheap slow cooker, food (also ordered dried beans, bulgur, pepper paste and other delicious things from an online Turkish grocery store)
|Clicked| since sleeping is my actual superpower, I immensely enjoyed reading Vicky’s post on a German survey about sleeping habits: The quality of sleep increases with income! Is that so?; an important lesson for when we start comparing us to all others: How to Not Let Instagram Ruin Your Life (Part 1); some of you might know that I once lived in Ireland for a bit and I really love this article that takes me back to many beautiful sights there: Roadtrip Ireland: Rock of Cashel & County Cork

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4 thoughts on “Week in review: 27 January – 2 February 2020”

  1. I totally feel you! Sometimes I’m bubbly, happy, outgoing and talk to everyone – well, most of the times, that’s just my job in so many ways. But then again, there are days when I have the feeling: I just don’t want to smile and talk to people, I want to read, listen to music or audio books and that’s it! 🙂

    1. Das freut mich! Ich habe am Anfang auf Deutsch gebloggt, dann zweisprachig und bin nun bei nur noch Englisch, weil es die meisten ja doch gut verstehen.

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