Launching: 29 Days of Blogging 2020

It is the first of February and this can only mean one thing: the challenge 29 Days of Blogging is starting once more. This is the fifth year in a row that it takes place. I once more try my very best to publish one blog post per day during the whole month of February.

To be honest, I have never fully managed this, but maybe this year is the one. In contrast to previous years I have two advantages now: 1) my current job is a lot less stressful, 2) I am not traveling during winter break. Both mean that I should find the time to create more posts. I anticipate that the upcoming week will actually be the hardest for this challenge because I go to Washington for a training on Wednesday. Once it ends on Saturday, I will spend another one and a half days there with friends. On at least three of those five days I think I will hardly have time to myself, let alone for blogging. Then again I am going to spend about four hours on the train on each of the other two days.

What have I planned this year?

Just as in previous years, my notebook is full with post ideas. Step 1 has never been a problem. The important task though is to realize those ideas. I obviously keep my regular post categories, like my weekly review every Sunday and my outfits every Monday. Besides, I want to finally write more about living in the City. I hope I can post a travel post about Washington D.C. Although I have been there three times so far and I never managed to really see the city for various reasons. Then there will be more new recipes because we have started to make much more food at home and I now have a new toy, a slow cooker. As we are also shifting to a more and more vegetarian diet, I plan to present to you the plant based alternatives we use for dairy products. 

These are the other participants in #29daysofblogging

  1. Barbara
  2. Alexandra
  3. Izabella
  4. Katrin
  5. Britta

If you want to try the challenge as well, go to this Facebook group and register. Else, I hope you will enjoy my next 28 blog posts in the next 28 days (fingers crossed)!

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  1. So nice that you are part of this again! 5th year! Great! My biggest challenge, actually, are the pictures – writing itself is not so problematic. But in February it’s SO DARK!! Yours, Izi

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