Week in review: 25 April – 1 May 2016

Can you believe that one third of this year has already passed? But May is one of my favorite months because that’s when it usually becomes warm, when nature finally turns really green, and of course there is my birthday towards the end. Soon enough I should find rhubarb and lilies of the valley in the shops. May is also the month when I usually fix my summer vacation plans. From now on there are only eight more weeks of work left, and nine until my flight to Istanbul, which I booked months ago in order to redeem my frequent flyer miles. I had originally had the idea to visit my friend in South Africa, but I am not so sure anymore. Every morning I read newspaper articles about Turkey’s weak economy, and so I checked hotel prices there – they are incredibly low. Because Turkey’s tourism revenue has so far decreased by 16.5 % this year, it would be cheap to spend my summer there. Even normally rather expensive places like Bodrum are much more affordable. I could stay for three or four weeks at the beach, and would still pay less than ever. Having lived in Turkey, I also think that I am able to avoid rather dangerous spots. And my bank account would definitely be delighted – I never would have guessed that living in the US is so much more expensive than life in Europe. So this is what I am trying to make up my mind about these days: South Africa? Turkey? Which city? Which sights?

Have you already decided where you are going to spend your summer vacation?

|Watched| Fack ju Göhte 2, Berlin zur Kaiserzeit (documentation), Game of Thrones, Germany’s Next Top Model
|Read| Killing Monica, How to be a grown-up, Shopaholic to the rescue, The Seventh Cross
|Listened to| nothing in particular
|Done| worked, and sometimes distracted myself from working
|Eaten| kebab, pancake, bratwurst
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer
|Thought| eight more weeks till summer vacation
|Been happy| when one of my best friends returned to Boston
|Laughed| when Canavar plummeted while jumping
|Desired| that Canavar doesn’t dig my newly repotted plants anymore
|Bought| bigger flower pots and soil
|Clicked| I really liked these black and white cat portraits

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