Outfit: Blue shirt dress in NYC

I love two things: spring and shirt dresses. Spring is self-explaining I guess. As for the shirt dresses: There are always two or three in my closet. For some reason they are always blue. And I wear them way past their expiry date. Shirt dresses are so convenient in my opinion, like in the early mornings I put one on, and I am immediately dressed for work. Or when I go on vacation, I take one shirt dress with me to save luggage, and change my look with accessories. Last year I eventually managed to part with one of my shirt dresses since its color had long faded. In this case I can only recommend moving to another continent because otherwise I would have never given away so many of my clothes. Since last July though I haven’t cleared out my wardrobe at all, and I don’t feel it’s going to happen any time soon. Minimalism, or ten piece wardrobe? No, thank you.

Anyway, I found a suitable replacement for the old dress, when we passed by an outlet center in New Hampshire during the Easter holidays. Those outlet centers are awesome because there isn’t any sales tax in New Hampshire plus things are already discounted. I ended up buying this jeans shirt dress for obvious reasons: a) it’s a shirt dress, b) it’s blue. I also like its sleeves and length, and the fabric is sheer and soft. This was the right dress to wear the other weekend in New York City. The trees just started blossoming, but temperatures were hot summery for a few days. That day we spent much time outside, and the sleeves definitely prevented my shoulders from burning. Now I can’t wait for the weather here to turn warmer so that I can wear the dress without tights and cardigan – according to the forecast next weekend temperatures are supposed to finally exceed 60 °F (15 °C).

dress: Old Navy
sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
earrings: Forever21

© janavar

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