Home, sweet procrastination

This is the first of the last four weekends that I am at home. First I was in Florida, then in New York City, and last Saturday I went on a day trip to Cape Cod. It feels as if I spent most of this April traveling thanks to two weeks of spring break. I mostly came home to sleep and feed the cat, who got a little angry in between for not seeing much of me. But a bit of wet food – and I was forgiven.

Home, sweet procrastination

So this weekend I made the decision to stay at home. No coffee date, no shopping, not even telephone calls. Because I traveled so much, I neglected several work tasks that I didn’t want to put off any longer. But then I was staring at my screen, and so I started procrastinating. Today I managed to do all of these things:

  • clean out the fridge,
  • do the dishes,
  • lose a bet against my school’s ultimate frisbee team (we bet just to be on the safe side because whenever I take a bet against one of the sports teams, they seem to end up winning),
  • clean Canavar’s litter box,
  • look at vacation offers for Turkey in summer,
  • take a midday nap,
  • read a little bit of “Killing Monica”,
  • empty my desk so that there is space for my laptop again (recently I worked too often while sitting on my bed),
  • take a short walk, and finally see some real Native Americans in their traditional costumes (there was a Harvard Native American festival today),
  • arrange an appointment with a haircutter,
  • buy flower pots and soil in order to
  • repot most of my plants at home because they had all outgrown the pots I bought them in,
  • cook a nice dinner,
  • watch an episode of Germany’s Next Top Model,
  • play with Canavar,
  • talk to my roommate about procrastinating – she has discovered a great new series today, now that her end of year university exams are coming up, and she is supposed to study.

Some days are just not as successful as I want them to be. But at least it was a fun day so that of course it will be so much easier to start working tomorrow … probably not. I mean I must still do my laundry, and I could possibly wipe the floor, and vacuum the carpets. And I honestly believe that I should soon paint the walls of room white.

How is your weekend going?

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