Week in review: 23 – 29 March 2020

Questions that I asked myself this week:

  • Why does that mask poke into my eyes?
  • Will I ever be out on the streets again and not suffer anxiety?
  • Why do my parents not listen and still go to the supermarket every time they run out of bread rolls? Like seriously???
  • When will the city clerk open again?
  • What happens if we just can’t get married and won’t be able to apply for my green card?
  • Why do I still watch and read the news several times per day?
  • When will Rich have to directly care for Coronavirus patients?
  • Who is actually going to work on the hospital ship and in Javits Center?
  • Mobile morgues – really? Did you know that the public Bellevue Hospital is only a few blocks from us?
  • What if I won’t fit into my bridal gown when this is over?
  • When will the schools open again?
  • What happens to my job if there is a depression and people can’t afford private schools anymore?
  • How did we already run out of Corona beer?
  • Where are the Avengers now that we need them?
  • How can people still believe in that president?
  • How did I end up in a country with an awful health system?
  • Can we just pack our suitcases and move to Turkey?
  • Oh, Turkey has the virus, too, and an awful government who doesn’t deal well with it, too?
  • How many weeks will we need to do the first basic AcroYoga pose?
  • How can my cat be so cute and fluffy at all times?

|Watched| GNTM, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2
|Read| Crazy Rich Asians*, Coconut Layer Cake Murder*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| Hanni & Nanni, A Drink with James, some good old German schlager music (i.e. Matthias Reim)
|Done| taught online from home, went to the post office once, took a walk outside and went to the supermarket once, we played another few rounds of Codenames with the Boston family, I have properly discovered the online Catan version and play it regularly
|Eaten| pizza, red lentil bolognese, a kind of white bean lasagne, French toast
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, beer
|Thought| Why are there still so many people outside? And why did that granny in the pizza place have to push past me and touch me on purpose???
|Been happy| Rich was sent home from work with a sore throat – but it turned out that it wasn’t the virus
|Laughed| my absolute favorite these days is Riccardo Simonetti’s instagram and his videos and stories
|Desired| you know that wedding we had that was supposed to take place in 8 days?!
|Bought| I ordered a pair of shoes (they could be my wedding shoes)
|Clicked| I like this T-shirt for charities idea: Go Big, Stay Home: Buy Our T-Shirt and Support Two Charities Helping in the Crisis; it is nice to read about “normal things” like absolutely decadent lipsticks: Hermes Lippenstift – Dekadenz aus Paris; the Atlantic presents 4 possible scenarios: The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal

© janavar

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