10 Things to Do at Home This Week & 10 Free Online Resources

It is a new week and I plan on staying at home. I mean it is not like there are that many exciting things waiting for me out there. On day 11 it is definitely time to up my game a little bit so that I won’t end up hibernating until this crisis is over. So I have come up with this list of 10 things that I want to tackle this week:

  1. Read at least two books from my TBR pile
  2. Take a beauty inventory
  3. Store my winter clothes away and get out my summer ones
  4. Start one course on Future Learn
  5. Clean the apartment thoroughly
  6. Be more social and call my family and friends regularly
  7. Try workouts at home daily
  8. Reserve at least one hour every day to just write
  9. Spend less time playing games on my phone or just scrolling through
  10. Cook at least two totally new dishes

While I read that other people have problems sleeping these days, I have more the issue of staying awake, haha. Everything just makes me feel so tired. This is why I get up at the same time every morning (6.30 a.m.) and try to create as many routines as possible. But I also think that it just takes time to get used to all the changes that have happened so suddenly to our everyday life. We have tried different online tools/ideas to add a little variety to our free time. I like all these free online resources and hope you are able to make use of them, too:

a. Play Codenames with friends online – you can even choose between different languages: https://www.horsepaste.com

b. Three of us played Catan online against each other last night: https://catanuniverse.com

c. Project Gutenberg offers thousands of classic books for free: https://www.gutenberg.org

d. Every day the Met Opera offers one of their operas to stream for free: https://www.metopera.org/user-information/nightly-met-opera-streams

e. The Met is one of my favorite museums in the world and, even though it is closed, everyone can visit their collections online for free: www.metmuseum.org/art/collection

f. The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin also have their collections online: www.smb-digital.de/eMuseumPlus

g. The same applies to MoMa: www.moma.org/collection

h. MoMa also offers several free classes on art, fashion, and photography: www.coursera.org/moma

i. Watch many popular movies for free on IMDb TV: www.imdb.com/tv

j. I have used Spotify for many years and I am still a big fan – I don’t only listen to music, but also to podcasts, and radio plays from my childhood: spotify.com


Have a lovely week and stay healthy (and sane)!

© janavar

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