Week in review: 23 – 29 July 2018

This post had been almost done, and then I did something incredibly stupid. Or good. I am not sure yet. After having my boyfriend watch playing League of Legends for months, I downloaded the game myself and started playing. I must say it is one of the perks of having summer vacation – there seems to be endless time to do something ridiculous like playing an online game which I kill an endless number of fantasy monsters in. I quite enjoy playing that game, but I also see the downsides, i.e. having less time for everything else. So hopefully with me playing more, the game will soon lose its novelity for me. But just in case, I have booked flights to go on a week of vacation on this coming Sunday. I’ll go with a friend and her family and there won’t be any laptop, just endless hours of sun and the beach. I almost can’t wait to depart.

Week in review: 23 - 29 July 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 23 - 29 July 2018 | janavar.net

|Watched| Sense8
|Read| Bill of the Black Hand, What child is this?, The three-body problem
|Listened to| the Coffee Blend podcast, a few Spotify playlists
|Done| went to the beach with a friend, met another friend who’s here only for the summer, went to Cirque du Soleil “Luzia”
|Eaten| pasta, pide, several fish dishes, rhubarb cake
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine, lemonade
|Thought| d
|Been happy| when my boyfriend arrived on Friday evening and stayed for the weekend
|Laughed| how well my friend’s toddler and their dog colaborate – when the kid doesn’t want to eat anymore, the dog has already opened his mouth under the table
|Desired| not much really, it was a wonderful week
|Bought| tickets for Cirque du Soleil, flights for a one week vacation, two rash guards
|Clicked| Masha wrote about racism in Germany: Rassismus ist real. #metwo; I want to go vintage shopping in NYC: My Favorite Places to Shop Vintage in New York; really useful tips for skinscare: Reviving Your Dull Skin: Lifestyle Changes + Skincare Tips

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