Week in review: 22 – 28 November 2021

Happy 1st of Advent! I can’t believe it is Christmas time already. I mean it was just Thanksgiving three days ago. This year we spent that holiday in Boston with Rich’s family. And we had such a good time with eating lots of delicious meals, playing board games, and meeting a few friends. It felt like a short vacation. Although I missed our cats a lot – but they don’t enjoy traveling much and really like our cat sitter.

Else, not much happened. Although I managed that we ended up with a huge amount of bagels. We know that Rich’s family likes bagels and obviously NYC bagels are the best (they just are!). So I decided to buy them on the Too Good To Go app on Wednesday. I bought a surprise bag each from three different bagel stores because you never know exactly what you get or if they cancel when they don’t have any leftovers. When I went to pick the bags up on Wednesday afternoon, I quickly realized that I had planned this a little too well. We then had 26 bagels. Oops. So we only packed 15 (for 5 people) and put the others in our freezer. Saying that, the bagels we ate were excellent and I am sure we will greatly enjoy the remaining ones – just not all at once.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Great British Baking Show, The Wheel of Time, The Firm

|Read| The Last Graduate, Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder

|Listened to| Christmas songs

|Done| started the week with a pregnancy check-up; continued my training on Coursera; put up our Christmas decorations; we flew to Boston from Wednesday to Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving with my in-laws; I did some shopping

|Eaten| bagels, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, steak frites, dim sum, burrito, pizza

|Drunk| water, coffee, mocktail, hot chocolate, herbal tea

|Thought| oh dear, how did we end up with the worst cab driver ever home from the airport (he had the worst attitude ever and even insulted other drivers over loudspeakers)

|Been happy| it was a very relaxing Thanksgiving

|Laughed| when I beat Rich and his dad in a board game and they didn’t even see it coming at all

|Desired| I need a day to recover from our trip I think (even though it was actually relaxing)

|Bought| oh, lots and lots of things like Christmas gifts, gifts for myself *cough*, things we needed anyways and that were on sale …, e.g.:

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|Clicked| I enjoyed these short interviews: What It’s Really Like To Be Kris Kringle & Buddy The Elf IRL; I hope this legislation passes because, as an immigrant, I would be super excited to be obtain the right to vote on a municipal level: New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections

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